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Raccoon Dog


Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 13
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 13
Occupation: Unknown
Associated Characters: Mirai
Raccoon Dog Season 2 Manga Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play

A Raccoon Dog Friend addressed as Tanuki, the Japanese word for raccoon dog, appears in Chapter 13 of the Kemono Friends Manga. She debuts as a student at Japari Girls' Private Academy in Mirai's animal girl high school dream. She also immediately appears again after Mirai awakes from the dream, claiming to be her temporary assistant.


Raccoon Dog as seen in her only feature of the manga seems to be a very polite Friend who enjoys helping others.

Role in the Plot

Raccoon Dog first appears as a student of Japari Girls' Private Academy sitting at a desk next to Mirai. She notices Mirai rummaging through her belongings and figures she has lost her eraser. Raccoon Dog then offers to lend her own eraser, to Mirai's slight surprise. Mirai then realizes how similar this situation is to a plot development trope often used in shoujo manga and questions it's realism. After this thought, Mirai wakes to find it was only a dream, much to her disappointment as well as relief. As Mirai reaches to grab her glasses from the table beside her bed, almost prophetically, Raccoon Dog appears and retrieves her glasses for her. Raccoon Dog then introduces herself and says that she is her temporary assistant, but apologizes for turning up so early.



During the events of the manga Raccoon Dog became Mirai's temporary assistant for an unspecified amount of time. Since Raccoon Dog's sole manga appearance, their relationship has not been elaborated upon further.

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