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Raccoon Dog

Raccoon DogKF3.png

Friend Data
Voiced by:
加藤里保菜 Rihona Kato
Friendly Friendly
February 7th, 2020
ID #:
Raccoon Dog Season 2 Manga Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play
For voice lines, see Raccoon Dog/KF3/Voice.

Raccoon Dog is a Friend that appears in the app version of Kemono Friends 3. She premiered alongside Greater Lophorina with the release of Arai-san's Diary: Chapter 3.


Japanese English
「あ、あのタヌキは決めた相手とずっといっしょに暮らす、の······。あ、だから、その······わたしの言ってる意味、わかるかな?わかる、よね?あなたと······」 {{{enselfintro}}}


Friend Stats
Base Max Stat Base Max
Status {{{status}}} 52162 Stamina {{{hp}}} 21404
Attack {{{atk}}} 8427 Defense {{{def}}} 4878
Evasion 0.0% 1.0% Plasm 20
Action! Multiplier 0.0% +6.0% Try!! Multiplier 0.0% +5.0%
Beat!!! Multiplier 0.0% +5.0% Miracle+ Flag Action20.png
Order Flags
KF3Beat.png Action10.png Action25.png TryLow.png TryMiddle.png
Kemono Miracle Ponpoko Kettle Attack!



Deal 540% damage to one enemy.
(Requires 90 MP.)


Deal 630% damage to one enemy.
(Requires 90 MP.)

Beat!!! Ability Taiko Beat
Deal 29% damage 4 times to one enemy. Low chance to Stun Active Active enemies for 1 turn.
Standby Skill Tanuki Sleep
Medium aggro reduction, +20% damage for 2 turns, and +20 MP.

Chance: 15%
Charges: 4

Unique Trait I'm Not Sleepy!
High Sleep resistance.

Once per battle, when HP < 30%, gain 20% HP.

Miracle Trait Shape Your Thoughts
+10% damage.

Additional +30% damage to Stunned enemies.


Raccoon Dog is a serviceable damage-dealer whose primary drawcards are her high-damage Miracle and her powerful (albeit unreliable) standby that can substantially make up for her downtime. Her AA damage is middling, having only slightly more max Attack than Greater Bird-Of-Paradise within her type: as a result, much of her mileage will come from contributing significantly to Miracle chains.

Her Miracle Trait sounds powerful at first until you consider that her Beat's CC only lasts for the turn that it hits, essentially meaning it is only good for making her Beat attacks a little more powerful than usual or in edge cases where you can Stun the enemy with another Friend in your team. Incidentally, this means she has excellent synergy with Ezo Brown Bear, who can allow Raccoon Dog's miracle to deal exceptionally high damage when the former's miracle is used beforehand.

Raccoon Dog's primary drawback is that she offers very little utility in a type that is chock-full of Friends that passively give significant team benefits. Her damage is outclassed by Shiserval Lefty, and the remaining team slots will likely be taken up by Friends such as Moose, Suri Alpaca, Dhole, and other powerful Friendly monotype supports. Of course, this assumes the player has a team full of Friends like this; there is no reason not to use Raccoon Dog if, for instance, you do not have Moose or Alpaca's Miracle Traits.


Profile Character Icons
 ? Icon chara 0067.png Icon chara 0067 02.png Icon chara 0067 03.png Icon chara 0067 04.png
Name Costume How to Obtain Name Costume How to Obtain
Default Icon dressup 70670.png Default Tracksuit Icon dressup 70671.png Default
Park Staff Icon dressup 70672.png Default Café Uniform Icon dressup 70673.png Upgrade to 5 Stars
Personal Fashion Icon dressup 70674.png Upgrade to 6 Stars

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