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|basetrait=Increased resistance against poisoned (low)
|basetrait=Increased resistance against poisoned (low)
|upgradetrait=Increased resistance against poisoned (low) and against stunned (low)
|story=Without knowing my feeling, the cherry blossom petal dancing freely around me.
|story=Without knowing my feeling, the cherry blossom petal dancing freely around me.

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KF3 R-Really Li-Li-Like Y....png

KF3 R-Really Li-Li-Like Y...+.png

Name: Rarity: Type: Obtained From: Illustrator: Limited: Name (JP): ID:
R-Really Li-Li-Like Y... Nexon2Star.png Defense Gacha Fuzi Choco No ただたいたたすたき 3510
Stat Base Max
Stamina 159 346 Unique Trait

Increased resistance against poisoned (low)

Increased resistance against poisoned (low) and against stunned (low)

Attack 121 263
Defense 160 349
Story: Without knowing my feeling, the cherry blossom petal dancing freely around me.

The leg, the finger, the lips, they tremble as it if it's not my own body.

"Have courage", I hear the voice of encouragement

Raccoon Dog: Uhm... ... this, please take this... ...!

Update History: 9/24/2019: Added to Kemono Friends 3.
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