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Peach Panther

Peach PantherManga.jpg

Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 15
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 15
Location: Japari Café
Occupation: Waitress
Associated Characters: Caracal
Peach Panther Manga Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

A Peach Panther Friend appears in Chapter 15 of the manga. She is the owner of the newly-opened maid café, Japari Café.


Peach Panther is very serious about her work as a waitress at Japari Café, demonstrating a sense of professionalism which she projects upon her employees. As a waitress, which for Japari Café is equivocal to a maid, she is subservient, polite and graceful in completing her duty and interacting with customers. However, she displays a sadistic aspect of her personality when dealing with a customer who broke one of the café's glasses. This side of Peach Panther is never elaborated upon further.

Role in the Plot

Chapter 15



Peach Panther is friends with Caracal. The panther requests Caracal to help with her newly opening Japari Café, a favor which she happily grants. Unfortunately, the job doesn't go very well, and Peach Panther remarks that Caracal "lacks any of the qualifications to be a maid". In Caracal's defense, however, she had no idea that Japari Café was going to be a maid café to begin with.

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