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Character Data
Japanese Name: 奈々
First Featured in: Kemono Friends: Welcome to Japari Park!
Gender: Female
Occupation: Caretaker at Japari Park
Status: Unknown
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Nana (Japanese: 奈々) is the protagonist of Kemono Friends: Welcome to Japari Park!, and one of the franchise's few named human characters. During the events of the manga, she is a new caretaker working under Mirai, responsible for the care of an Ezo Red Fox and a Serval Cat. She has a little sister and is also the younger cousin of Japari Park's animal laboratory Vice Director, Kako.


Nana appears to be a teenager is and somewhat short in stature. She has reddish brown eyes and bright pink hair, which she prefers to tie back in a ponytail. Her outfit includes a green jacket with the sleeves rolled up, featuring the signature "の" logo of Japari Park on its breast pocket and upper sleeves. Beneath her jacket, Nana wears a simple white t-shirt with a red collar and black short shorts. Her feet are covered by loose-fitting white socks and pink shoes.


Much like her superior, Park Guide Mirai, Nana cares very deeply for Friends and works to ensure the wellbeing and good behavior of all Friends under her supervision. She is a very well-mannered yet responsible caretaker, even when dealing with especially difficult Friends. Though Nana may become frustrated, she will disallow even the most fearsome and stubborn of Friends to carry on with rule breaking or unhealthy behavior. She is also very empathetic and is willing to hear the troubles of Friends in need of advice or someone to speak to.

Role in the Plot


Nana's life before her employment at Japari Park and how she may have been relevant to the Park before then is currently unknown.

Kemono Friends: Welcome to Japari Park!

Current Whereabouts

Like all humans who once inhabited Japari Park, Nana's current whereabouts are unknown.


Ezo Red Fox



Mirai was Nana's supervisor as a caretaker at Japari Park during the events of the manga. The two had an amicable relationship and seemed to work together fairly well. It is unknown if their relationship extended past the abrupt shut-down of Japari Park due to the Cerulean outbreak, but it should be noted that Nana is the younger cousin of Mirai's close friend and mentor, Kako.

Nana's Sister

The two siblings appear to have a warm relationship, with Nana's unnamed younger sister checking in on her after her first day of work as a caretaker.


Kako and Nana are cousins; Kako is the older of the pair. The nature of their relationship is unknown, although both were employed in Japari Park at some point.


  • Nana is the sole human in the series whose name is written in kanji.

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