Malayan Tapir/KF3

Malayan Tapir is a Friend in Kemono Friends 3 that appears in both versions of the game.

Malayan Tapir

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Friend Data
Voiced by:
久遠エリサ Kuon Erisa
Lovely Lovely (App)
Soothing Soothing (Planet Tours)
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 (App)
ID #:
Wild Release 5:
Rainbow Trait:
Party Dress:
Malayan Tapir Anime Festival Pavilion KF3​ (V2)​ Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery
For voice lines, see Malayan Tapir/KF3/Voice.


Her KF3 personality is not unlike that of her Nexon counterpart, albeit being merely fearful instead of distrustful. A very high-strung individual, Malayan Tapir tends to cower at the sight of Celliens or scary-looking Friends such as Black Jaguar (prior to befriending her).


Kemono Friends 3

App Stats
Base Max Stat Base Max
Status 3379 36484 Stamina 1436 15583
Attack 452 4961 Defense 437 4567
Evasion 0.0% 1.0% Plasm 20
Action! Multiplier +0.0% +6.0% Try!! Multiplier +0.0% +5.0%
Beat!!! Multiplier +0.0% +5.0% Miracle+ Flag {{{miracleplus}}}
Order Flags
Kemono Miracle Bye Bye Bad Guy

Deal 600% damage to one enemy. Reduces own damage by 40% for 2 turns.

Deal 660% damage to one enemy. Reduces own damage by 38% for 2 turns.

Deal 720% damage to one enemy. Reduces own damage by 35% for 2 turns.

Deal 780% damage to one enemy. Reduces own damage by 33% for 2 turns.

Deal 840% damage to one enemy. Reduces own damage by 30% for 2 turns.


Beat!!! Ability Look Over There!
Deal 120% damage to a single enemy.
Standby Skill Can I Take The Rear?
Gain low   Camouflage for 1 turn.

Activation chance: 100%
Charges: 5

Unique Trait Danger Detection
-15% damage taken.

+15% evasion at Nighttime.

Miracle Trait Monochrome Camouflage
+15% damage.

-3% enemy accuracy.

Rainbow Trait N/A
Not implemented yet.


Malayan Tapir's prospective team role is an odd mix between off-tanking and extreme burst damage. Her Miracle has the highest damage percentage value in the game, but her low attack base offsets both the potentially devastating effectiveness of her miracle and her ability to contribute sustained damage when not using it. On the other hand, having her attack often will allow you to charge her miracle more quickly, and her high damage mitigation (and potentially outright evasion) will lessen the impact of more enemies being alive to retaliate.

It is important to note that the self-debuff caused by her miracle will only affect the turn after her Miracle is used; consequently, its impact is negligible, particularly when her Miracle is fully upgraded.

Her standby is somewhat in opposition to her natural defenses and is rarely impactful, but it can still be of some help if Tapir is not your team's primary tank, or if there are certain circumstances where you really do not want Tapir to be attacked (i.e. her miracle is charged, but you don't have a good Chorus and she is either near-death or facing enemies with CC).

It is recommended to equip Tapir with high-Attack photos, to compensate for her low bases and allow her to contribute more damage both with and without her Miracle. Off-shot is a perfect fit for her, with Myamyamya Miracle! and Charismatic Hairdresser Suri Alpaca also being good choices.

Tapir has many potential synergies; players can take advantage of either her Miracle, tanking capabilities, miracle trait, or some combination thereof.

  • Sand Cat is an excellent monotype teammate, with Sand Cat providing more Action flags to charge Tapir's miracle and Tapir's miracle trait making Sand Cat even more evasive.
  • 'Glass cannon' characters like Tasmanian Devil and Tsuchinoko can benefit from both Tapir's miracle trait and off-tanking.
  • The player should pay special attention to damage bonuses from other character's abilities or passives when putting together teams to kill bosses. A miracle-traited White Lion using her Miracle prior to Tapir's can result in absurd damage.

Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours

Planet Tours Stats
SR Stamina: 102 SR Attack: 75
SSR Stamina: 112 SSR Attack: 82
Effective Time: Night Effective Area: Jungle


Profile Character Icons
Name Costume How to Obtain Name Costume How to Obtain
Default   Default Tracksuit   Upgrade to 3 Stars
Park Staff   Upgrade to 4 Stars Café Uniform   Upgrade to 5 Stars
Personal Fashion   Upgrade to 6 Stars Expedition Party
Gym Clothes
  Available for a limited time in the Stylish Medal shop


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