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What is Kemono Friends?

Kemono Friends, also known as KemoFure, is a Japanese multimedia franchise created by Mine Yoshizaki, that focuses on the adventures of anthropomorphized animal girls known simply as Friends. It began as a 2015 mobile game but has expanded into a manga, stage play and wildly successful 2017 anime with multiple new projects planned for the future. While it is a relatively new IP, the franchise has succeeded in making a name for itself on its path to becoming a "series that will last 100 years".

The universe of Kemono Friends, contrary to its innocent appearance, is expansive and complex. It boasts a cast of over 400 characters as well as an intricate and puzzling backstory. What's more, much of the series's media has never seen an official release outside of its native Japan. Our wiki, Japari Library, exists as a resource for the series's English-speaking fanbase. It features translations, detailed analyses of the franchise's lore, and information on Friends and the real creatures from which they came.

Friend of the Week

Spectacled CaimanOriginal.png

The Spectacled Caiman is a small to medium-sized crocodilian native to Central and South America. They reach up to 2.5 meters in length. Younger caimans are bright yellow-ish with dark spots and bands around their body and tails. As they age, those features become less distinct. A bony ridge in front of their eyes connecting the two gives them the appearance as if they wore glasses, giving them their name.

Spectacled Caimans are highly adaptive. They live in the wetlands of northern South America, preferring slow-moving rivers, but may also live in lakes, estuaries and brack-ish ponds. They feed on fish, amphibians, reptiles, water birds and small mammals. The diet of younger ones consists mostly of insects, crustaceans and snails instead. In case of bad conditions with scarce food, caimans will also cannibalise and eat smaller caimans.

Mating season is between April and August. Both males and females mate with multiple partners though the female will eventually choose a male to raise her young and start building a nest. She will then lay 20-40 eggs and incubate them over the course of up to 3 months. Parents take exceptional care of their young, which will become indepedent at around one and a half years of age. Hatchlings form large groups from multiple families for protection and to hunt.

Especially younger Spectacled Caimans are often attacked by other, larger predators such as birds of prey, large snakes and foxes. Lizards and coatis would also try to steal and eat their eggs. Humans hunt them for their meat, eggs and rarely skin, which is less valuable than that of other crocodilians. As they're highly adaptable, they can usually relocate in case of habitat loss, though the increase of predators in their new location hurts other species.

The Kemono Friends Spectacled Caiman appeared only in the nexon game and season 2. She has green hair with dark spots and long twin tails. She has a small red ribbon tied between the two bumps representing the triangular ridge above the animals eyes. Her vest, fingerless gloves and boots are made of caiman skin and she wears torn shorts. In the nexon game, she loved glasses, especially Margay's and Eurasian Otter's. She also gave a pair of glasses to Spectacled Hare-Wallaby. In season 2 she, together with Saltwater Crocodile, has an ongoing conflict with the Leopard sisters.

Community Poll

With the release of Season 2's first promotional video and key visual we think it is appropriate to start a new poll for the front page of the wiki gauging our readers' hopes for the next instalment of the Kemono Friends anime! What are you hoping to see this time around? Information is limited, but this is a highly-anticipated release and there is much to be excited for in the next major story update of the KemoFure franchise. Let us know what you're feeling by casting your vote!

Mobile Games

Latest Version: 1.7.2
Western Lowland GorillaPavilion.png
Latest Friend: Western Lowland Gorilla
Latest Version: 2.1.2
Current Event: "Four Gods Event: Suzaku Appears" (1/11/19-1/21/19)

Kemono Friends News

The season 2 teaser image..


FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends 3 and Kemono Friends: Planet Tours a new mobile and arcade game respectively, has been announced by SEGA. You can preregister here and instructions for preregistering are here.


Tealbutton.png Collab
A visual for Anime Jam 2018 has been posted on Twitter, featuring characters, including Friends, in Christmas-themed outfits.


FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends Pavilion has received a major update, introducing Generation 2 Friends and a new area, the Generation 2 Savanna.

Tealbutton.png Collab
A new collaboration with the Hitachishi Kamine Zoo has revealed a redesign for Japanese Cormorant, along with a new Friend, Great Cormorant.


FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
The official broadcast date of Season 2 has been announced as January 7th, 2019, via Twitter.

FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
The seventh episode of the Welcome to Japari Park ONA has been released.

Greybutton.png Misc
A new visual for Season 2 has revealed two new Friends; Greater Lophorina and Western Parotia.


FestivalGroupBlue.png Music
An official MV for Fennec Who Listens to Everything I Say from the Safari Drive album has been uploaded.


Greybutton.png Misc
In honor of the Year of the Pig, promotional materials for New Year's 2019 have revealed a new Friend, Desert Warthog, along with a new design for Giant Forest Hog.

Greybutton.png Misc
For Halloween, the official Kemono Friends Twitter account has posted a Tweet revealing two new Friends, Cerberus and Jack-o'-Lantern, along with an EX design for Common Vampire Bat.


Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game) Translation Progress

60% completed (estimate)


Did You Know?

  • While the Generation ? Northern White-Faced Owl is called Professor Konoha, her Generation 2 counterpart was called Professor Konoha-chan.
  • Most known types of Cerulean are based on real-world algae, both in design and name.
  • The Kemono Friends anime only features a single island of Japari Park, known as the Kyōshū Region.
  • Kemonoplasm enables Friends' tails to "clip through" their clothing.
  • Kako and Nana are cousins.

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