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What is Kemono Friends?

Kemono Friends is a Japanese multimedia franchise, created by Mine Yoshizaki, that focuses on the adventures of anthropomorphized animal girls known simply as Friends. It began as a 2015 mobile game but has expanded into a manga, stage play and wildly successful 2017 anime with multiple new projects planned for the future.

Friend of the Week

Pink-Backed PelicanOriginal.jpg

The Pink-Backed Pelican is one of the smallest species of Pelican. They're native to all kinds of bodies of water in sub-saharan Africa. They're around 140 centimeters long and their wingspan may be up to 2.8 meters. They plumage is mostly grey and white with a bit of a pink-ish hue on the upper back. Like the other pelicans they have an iconic throat pouch. They're mostly sedetary but may travel depending on the water conditions.

Kemono Friends' Pink-Backed Pelican only appeared in the Nexon Game so far. She likes poetry, romantic novels and love in general. She is a lot pinker than her real life counterpart.

Want to know more about the Pink-Backed Pelican? Check this reddit post!

Kemono Friends News



FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends 3 has now been released on Japanese App and Google Play stores. An English beginner's guide and translated menus can be found here.


FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends 3 and Kemono Friends: Planet Tours a new mobile and arcade game respectively, has been announced by SEGA. You can preregister here and instructions for preregistering are here.


Tealbutton.png Collab
A visual for Anime Jam 2018 has been posted on Twitter, featuring characters, including Friends, in Christmas-themed outfits.


FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends Pavilion has received a major update, introducing Generation 2 Friends and a new area, the Generation 2 Savanna.

Tealbutton.png Collab
A new collaboration with the Hitachishi Kamine Zoo has revealed a redesign for Japanese Cormorant, along with a new Friend, Great Cormorant.


FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
The official broadcast date of Season 2 has been announced as January 7th, 2019, via Twitter.

FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
The seventh episode of the Welcome to Japari Park ONA has been released.

Greybutton.png Misc
A new visual for Season 2 has revealed two new Friends; Greater Lophorina and Western Parotia.


FestivalGroupBlue.png Music
An official MV for Fennec Who Listens to Everything I Say from the Safari Drive album has been uploaded.

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