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We Need Translators!

Japari Library is in need of additional volunteer translators to help us catch up on our massive translation backlog and assist us in our mission of bringing Japan-only Kemono Friends knowledge to the west.

If you would like to apply, please visit us at the Japari Park Discord server and ask for Charlotte. A Discord account is required.
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What is Kemono Friends?

Kemono Friends, also known as KemoFure, is a Japanese multimedia franchise created by Mine Yoshizaki, that focuses on the adventures of anthropomorphized animal girls known simply as Friends. It began as a 2015 mobile game but has expanded into a manga, stage play and wildly successful 2017 anime with multiple new projects planned for the future. While it is a relatively new IP, the franchise has succeeded in making a name for itself on its path to becoming a "series that will last 100 years".

The universe of Kemono Friends, contrary to its innocent appearance, is expansive and complex. It boasts a cast of over 400 characters as well as an intricate and puzzling backstory. What's more, much of the series's media has never seen an official release outside of its native Japan. Our wiki, Japari Library, exists as a resource for the series's English-speaking fanbase. It features translations, detailed analyses of the franchise's lore, and information on Friends and the real creatures from which they came.

Friend of the Week

Asian Small-Clawed OtterOriginal.jpg

The Asian Small-Clawed Otter is the smallest species of otter. They're native to the wetlands, rivers and creeks of southeast Asia. They're dark grey on the back with a creamy underside. They're just around 60 centimeters long and weigh around 5 kilograms. Like the otter species, they maintain their body heat by eating around a quarter of their own weight every day. Despite spending most of their time in the water, their hands are only partially webbed to allow for greater dexterity. Their diet consists of crustaceans, mollusks, fish, insects and amphibians.

Small-Clawed Otters live in families with older siblings helping raising the youngest offspring. Only the alpha pair in the group breeds. As social animals, they have a wide range of sounds like yips and barks. They use their scent glands at their behind to mark their territories. They may breed year round and give birth to between one and nine cubs inside a nesting burrow. Generally, two litters will be born each year.

Small-Clawed Otters live around eight to ten years in the wild but usually reach ages of 20 in captivity. They're easier to care for as pets than other otter species. Asian farmers and fishers have symbiotic relationships with them. The otters eat crabs, mollusks and crayfish that would otherwise destroy the rice crops. Fishers train the otters to chase fish into their nets in exchange for food.

Small-Clawed Otters are a health indicator, as they're very vulnerable to pollution and destruction of their habitat, so a healthy otter population is an indicator for a healthy environment, and the disappearance of them means that the area is too polluted. Currently, the species is listed as vulnerable due to increased pollution, habitat destruction and hunting.

Mobile Games

Latest Version: 1.7.7
Southern Sea OtterPavilion.png
Latest Friend: Southern Sea Otter
KF3app 3.png
Latest Version: 1.0.1
Main Story Chapter 3 released!

Kemono Friends News



FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends 3 has now been released on Japanese App and Google Play stores. An English beginner's guide and translated menus can be found here.


FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends 3 and Kemono Friends: Planet Tours a new mobile and arcade game respectively, has been announced by SEGA. You can preregister here and instructions for preregistering are here.


Tealbutton.png Collab
A visual for Anime Jam 2018 has been posted on Twitter, featuring characters, including Friends, in Christmas-themed outfits.


FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends Pavilion has received a major update, introducing Generation 2 Friends and a new area, the Generation 2 Savanna.

Tealbutton.png Collab
A new collaboration with the Hitachishi Kamine Zoo has revealed a redesign for Japanese Cormorant, along with a new Friend, Great Cormorant.


FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
The official broadcast date of Season 2 has been announced as January 7th, 2019, via Twitter.

FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
The seventh episode of the Welcome to Japari Park ONA has been released.

Greybutton.png Misc
A new visual for Season 2 has revealed two new Friends; Greater Lophorina and Western Parotia.


FestivalGroupBlue.png Music
An official MV for Fennec Who Listens to Everything I Say from the Safari Drive album has been uploaded.


Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game) Translation Progress

60% completed (estimate)


Did You Know?

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