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What is Kemono Friends?

Kemono Friends, also known as KemoFure, is a Japanese multimedia franchise created by Mine Yoshizaki, that focuses on the adventures of anthropomorphized animal girls known simply as Friends. It began as a 2015 mobile game but has expanded into a manga, stage play and wildly successful 2017 anime with multiple new projects planned for the future. While it is a relatively new IP, the franchise has succeeded in making a name for itself on its path to becoming a "series that will last 100 years".

The universe of Kemono Friends, contrary to its innocent appearance, is expansive and complex. It boasts a cast of over 400 characters as well as an intricate and puzzling backstory. What's more, much of the series' media has never seen an official release outside of its native Japan. Our wiki, Japari Library, exists as a resource for the series' English-speaking fanbase. It features translations, detailed analyses of the franchise's lore, and information on Friends and the real creatures from which they came.

Friend of the Week


The Bengal Tiger is among the most beautiful animals and largest wild cats in the world. They're native to the forests and mangroves of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. Their fur is orange with black stripes and their belly is white. They can reach up to 320 kilograms of weight and a head to body length of over three meters.

Tigers are solitary cats with established home ranges. The home range of a male may be around 200 km² and contain multiple much smaller home ranges of females he mates with and her cubs. Tigers often fight to take over another tigers home range or leave their home range for their now adult cub. Mating may occur year-round but most births take place in December and April. The one to four newborn cubs suckle for around 3-6 months of age after which they follow their mother on her hunts and slowly start taking part in them. Once they reach 2-3 years of age, the young will leave their mothers side and establish a home range of their own

Apart from their usual Orange with black stripes colourations, there's two more, common colourations; the White Tiger, which is white with black stripes and the Golden Tabby Tiger which has much paler stripes than usual as a result of inbreeding. As the largest predator in their habitat, Tigers preferably hunt the largest prey, such as the Gaur, boars and deer. On rare occasions, they will also attack Elephants, Rhinos, snakes and humans.

The biggest threat to tiger populations are humans. Expanding our territory has pushed tiger populations into unpreferred habitats. The Tigers push back into human settlements where livestock as prey is abundant and habitat is more suitable for reproduction. They're also threatened through illegal poaching, as their skins and fur are very valuable and different body parts are used in traditional medicine. Tigers have also been killed in revenge by owners of livestock or out of fear due to repeated conflicts. Multiple conservation efforts are in place in an attempt to save tiger populations all over their range.

The Bengal Tiger of Kemono Friends appears in the Nexon Game, Festival and is currently the latest addition to Pavilion. She's wearing a red plaid skirt and tie, a white shirt, and long gloves and stocking in tiger-colouration. Her shoulder-long hair is orange with black stripes and white colour from the ears down. She is confident in her strength and doesn't like anyone coming too close to her. She often spars with Brown Bear and in her Unique Behaviour in Pavilion she breaks a stack of tiles karate-style. The two colour variations, the White Tiger and Golden Tabby Tiger, also appear in Kemono Friends as separate Friends.

Community Poll

With the release of Season 2's first promotional video and key visual we think it is appropriate to start a new poll for the front page of the wiki gauging our readers' hopes for the next instalment of the Kemono Friends anime! What are you hoping to see this time around? Information is limited, but this is a highly-anticipated release and there is much to be excited for in the next major story update of the KemoFure franchise. Let us know what you're feeling by casting your vote!

Mobile Games

Latest Version: 1.3.2
Giant PandaPavilion.png
Latest Friend: Giant Panda
Latest Version: 1.6.0
Seiryu event.png
Current Event: Four Gods Event! Seiryuu Descends! (10/10-10/21)

Kemono Friends News

The season 2 teaser image..


Greybutton.png Misc
In honor of the Year of the Pig, promotional materials for New Year's 2019 have revealed a new Friend, Desert Warthog, along with a new design for Giant Forest Hog.

Greybutton.png Misc
For Halloween, the official Kemono Friends Twitter account has posted a Tweet revealing two new Friends, Cerberus and Jack-o'-Lantern, along with an EX design for Common Vampire Bat.

FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends Pavilion has added a new feature called Security Challenges, which contain lore and appearances from both Kako and Mirai.


FestivalGroupBlue.png Music
The new Doubutsu Biscuits album, Safari Drive, has been released.

FestivalGroupPink.png Games
Kemono Friends Picross has been released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch.

FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
The fifth episode of the Welcome to Japari Park ONA has been released.


Tealbutton.png Collab
A new collaboration with SEGA's word construction puzzle RPG Kotodoman has been announced to promote the second season of the Kemono Friends anime.

FestivalGroupPink.png Games
An upcoming game by SEGA has been announced at the Tokyo Game Show, with more details coming in December.

FestivalGroupYellow.png Anime
Promoting the upcoming second season, a new visual has been posted, along with a Kemono Friends season 2 Twitter account being opened.

FestivalGroupGreen.png Stage
The first cast photos for Kemonos of the Snowy Night have been released via a new visual.


Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game) Translation Progress

60% completed (estimate)


Did You Know?

  • While the Generation ? Northern White-Faced Owl is called Professor Konoha, her Generation 2 counterpart was called Professor Konoha-chan.
  • Most known types of Cerulean are based on real-world algae, both in design and name.
  • The Kemono Friends anime only features a single island of Japari Park, known as the Kyōshū Region.
  • Kemonoplasm enables Friends' tails to "clip through" their clothing.
  • Kako and Nana are cousins.

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