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The following is a list of collaborations between Kemono Friends and other franchises, companies and zoos.

A map of Kemono Friends' 2017 collaborations across the series' home country of Japan.

Collaborations Featured in the Original Mobile Game

Sgt. Frog Invasion!? Japari Park Has Been Invaded!

Collaboration between the original Kemono Friends mobile game and Sgt. Frog. Sgt. Frog characters were featured as recruitable Friends. The creator of Kemono Friends, Mine Yoshizaki, is also the creator of Sgt. Frog.

Promotional banner of the Kemono Friends and Sgt. Frog crossover.

Featured Friends

Kemono Division 9: TACHIKOMA FRIENDS ~ Standalone Kemoplex

Collaboration between the original Kemono Friends mobile game and Ghost in the Shell. Tachikoma, robots featured in Ghost in the Shell, were featured as Friends which could be recruited and used as regular in-game units.

Promotional banner for Kemono Friends' crossover with Ghost in the Shell.

Featured Friends

Zoo Collaborations

Staying true to its animal theme, Kemono Friends has collaborated with various zoos across Japan. In a typical collaboration, the participating zoo will put up a cardboard cut-out of an animal's corresponding Friend in front of their enclosure, in addition to selling Kemono Friends-themed merchandise. Below is a list of these collaboration events.

Tobu Zoo Collaboration

Kemono Friends' first zoo collaboration, at Hybrid Leisure Land Tobu Zoo, made international headlines due to the "relationship" formed between one of the zoo's older Humboldt penguins, named "Grape", and his enclosure's cardboard cut-out of Hululu, Kemono Friends' own Humboldt Penguin. The original run of this collaboration lasted from 4/22/2017 to 6/25/2017, and a second collab lasted from 7/15/2017 to 9/3/2017.

Banner for Kemono Friends' famous collaboration with Tobu Zoo.

Featured Friends

Misaki Park Collaboration

Promotional banner for Kemono Friends' collaboration with Misaki Park.

A collaboration between Kemono Friends and Misaki Park, lasting from 7/6/2017 to 9/19/2017. It introduced two new Friends to the Franchise, Grey Crowned Crane and Sumatran Tiger.

Nonhoi Park Collaboration

A collaboration between Kemono Friends and Nonhoi Park, lasting from 7/22/2017 to 9/24/2017.

Nasu Animal Kingdom Collaboration

A collaboration between Kemono Friends and Nasu Animal Kingdom, lasting from 7/22/2017 to 8/31/2017.

Kamine Zoo New Year Collaboration

A collaboration between Kemono Friends and Kamine Zoo, lasting from 1/2/2020 to 2/11/2020.