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Kemono Friends

Pavilion Logo.png

Mobile Game
Japanese Title: けものフレンズぱびりおん
Romanized Title: Kemono Furenzu Pabirion
Publisher: Bushiroad
Genre: Observation Game
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: 26th January 2018

Kemono Friends Pavilion (Japanese: けものフレンズぱびりおん Hepburn: Kemono Furenzu Pabirion) is a new mobile game created by Bushiroad and released on January 26th, 2018. It is a passive "observation game" where players are primarily tasked with leaving out Japari Buns and Playthings for the Friends of Japari Park to enjoy. Players are able to watch Friends interact with one another as well as Playthings that they construct themselves and leave out in the game's different Areas.


Official Intro

Welcome to Japari Park.

This place is a pavilion built with the park's latest technology, where you can observe animals.

But it's not just animals that you can observe.

Here in Japari Park, there are animal girl "Friends", animals that are said to be born with the forms of girls due to the strange substance "Sandstar".

You can observe, meet and interact with them.

And if you're lucky, you might be able to meet Friends that no one even knows about yet.

In the spectacular Japari Park, there are countless new miracles just for you to experience.

Japari Park Pavilion, grand opening coming soon!


Much of the lore details of Pavilion are still under lock and key, but we know that the game takes place in "a time when Japari Park was still operational", heavily implying that it takes place before the anime, which features an abandoned park. The Japari Park Pavilion itself is an advanced work of technology that somehow allows visitors to observe regular animals and Friends alike. Japari Park Pavilion is managed by Type 3 Lucky Beasts, a never-before-seen model of Lucky Beast unique to this game, although details of their capabilities and nature have not been disclosed to the public. The regular blue Lucky Beasts featured in the anime are named "Type I Lucky Beasts" and distribute Japari Buns.

The game's official website takes care to inform readers that, despite the game's simplistic nature, it is nevertheless entrenched in the world of Kemono Friends, posing the following three open-ended questions with the implication that their answers will be revealed within Pavilion:

  • What is the purpose of the Japari Park Pavilion?
  • What role do Type 3 Lucky Beasts play?
  • Just how many Friends will appear?


Pavilion is a largely passive game where players mainly observe Friends in their natural habitat. They are able to leave out Japari Buns and playthings for Friends, who are lured by them and will come to play in the designated "guest area". Alternate areas have been shown in official promotional material, screenshots, and live footage of the game, which the player can unlock by using coins. Some friends only appear in certain areas, which makes unlocking new areas an essential part of filling the archive. So far, the only areas that have been confirmed are Savanna, Mountain and Waterfront.

The Early Game

When you log in for the first time, you should find 1500 Pikapika crystals and a golden mouse toy in your presents menu. This was the reward for the Pavilion pre-registration campaign which occurred before the game's release.

The player's first source of Pikapika crystals will be from unlocking new Friends as they arrive within the Pavilion, which earns the player some crystals as a reward. After the Friend has arrived, further crystals can be obtained when the Friend levels up.

Encountering a Friend

In order to meet Friends, the player requires Japari Buns to encourage the Friends to visit the Pavilion. These are given out by a Lucky Beast Type I. If the player does not use a Japari Bun, they won't attract any Friends. Japari Buns come in two different styles; Regular, and Special. Special Japari Buns attract more Friends than Regular ones. You can get Japari Buns by pressing the Japari Bun button at the bottom left of the screen. Regular Japari Buns can be stocked and restocked for free every 3 minutes, while Special Japari Buns require either a purchase of 50 Pikapika crystals, or a viewing of an advert with a 12 hour cooldown.

When a Friend decides to visit the Pavilion, the player is rewarded with materials and coins. Materials are needed in order to construct playthings, while coins are needed to unlock new areas. Specific Friends only appear in certain areas, so attracting and encountering Friends is the best way to expand the archive. Some nocturnal Friends, such as Serval, are easier to spot when it's night-time.

Playthings and Materials

Friends need more than just Japari Buns, however; they also need something to play with! The player can make toys for their Friends by using the materials that they obtain through playing the game. If the player is low on supplies, the SS (Sandstar) Printer will accept 150 Pikapika crystals in exchange for a plaything, selected via a gacha-based lottery.

Each area the player visits has designated spots within which playthings can be placed. There's a limited amount of spots per area, so the player needs to be selective in what toys they use for which area. Some playthings can only be used in water, and requires the player to find a water-based plaything spot to place it. As the player progress through the game, they can unlock more plaything spots within the current areas.

Friends Archive

The Friends Archive, showing the statistics of Serval.

Once the toys are placed and the Japari Buns are set out, Friends will begin arriving. As they arrive, their details are logged within the Friends Archive. This is the player's reference on certain statistics for each Friend. From the archive, the player can find out:

  • A Friend's level and experience
  • The number of times the Friend has been encountered
  • Unique behaviours related to the friend (for example, Serval's unique animation of batting the mouse)
  • Number of playthings the Friend has played with
  • The scientific name and species information of the Friend
  • Yoshizaki Mine's official artwork for the Friend
  • The Friend's self-introduction, which is based off of the guidebook/mobile game introduction.
A conversation between Suri Alpaca and Crested Ibis.


If several Friends arrive in the same area at the same time, they may talk to one another. This is called 'Kemotalk', and can feature up to five different Friends in the same conversation. So far, it appears these talks are based on the personalities the Friends have in the anime. Once the player has watched a group of Friends talking, they'll be able to replay their conversation at any time.


Once the stream of new Friends begins to die down, the player's next source of Pikapika crystals are the challenges. There are four kinds of challenges: Discovery, Daily, Area, and Friend. Discovery-based challenges are obtained by observing specific Kemotalks. Each challenge will give a hint as to which Kemotalk the player must observe to complete it. Daily-based challenge involves observing a specific number of Friends each day. Rewards are given out each day when the player observes 3, 10 and 20 Friends respectively.

List of Items

As the player progresses through their Pavilion adventure, they'll unlock and discover special items to use. Here's a list of all the items confirmed in Pavilion so far, and their uses:


  • Use: Unlocking new Areas, which cost 300 Pavilicoins for the first area and 5000 coins for the second area.
  • Acquired by: Encountering Friends

Pikapika Crystals

  • Use: Constructing Playthings via SS Printer, buying special Japari Buns.
  • Acquired By: Completing Challenges, levelling up Friends' Archive Level, encountering Friends for the first time

Japari Bun (Regular)

  • Use: Attracting Friends
  • Acquired By: Pressing the "Japari Bun" button on the main screen and selecting the top blue option. Performing this action is free, recharges every 3 minutes, and lasts for 2 hours.

Japari Bun (Special)

  • Use: Attracting Friends (better than regular Japari Bun)
  • Acquired By: Pressing the "Japari Bun" button on the main screen and selecting the bottom pink option. Performing this action requires the player to either spend 50 Pikapika crystals, or watch an advert. An advert can be watched every 12 hours. They last for 15 minutes.

Raw Materials

Pavilion Materials.jpg
  • Use: Constructing specific Playthings by completing its recipe
  • Acquired By: Encountering Friends; Rough Steel can only be obtained by obtaining playthings after you reach the 99 limit.
  • Notes: There are 5 types (Sturdy Wood, Soft Cloth, Cold Stone, Stretchy Rubber, Rough Steel)


  • Use: For Friends to interact with
  • Acquired By: SS Printer (gacha, using Pikapika Crystals. This is also the only way to obtain 4 star Playthings) or constructed via Raw Materials

Confirmed Friends

Category:Pavilion Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there gacha?

A: Yes, there is. Currently, the only gacha element in Pavilion is the SS Printer, which accepts 150 Pikapika crystals in exchange for a random Plaything of 3 or 4 star rarity. The closest tier of Pikapika crystals the player can buy for a single pull is 240 crystals, which costs ¥480 ($4.40, £3.10, €3.53).

Q: Will there be an English release?

A: We don't have official word on that yet, but you shouldn't count on it.

Q: Where does this fit in the series' timeline? Is this game canon?

A: We're not sure about the timeline, but as of now there is no reason to doubt Pavilion's canonicity.

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