Kemono Friends Kingdom

Kemono Friends Kingdom is an officially-licensed Kemono Friends action-puzzle/strategy RPG. The game appears to take place in a timeline distinct from that of previous Kemono Friends media, such as the original mobile game and Kemono Friends 3, taking place not in familiar Japari Park, but rather in a land called Kingdom- a theme park island where humans and Friends were meant to live and play in harmony, before mankind fled in the wake of the Cellien threat. Left in the care of the Lucky Beasts the humans had built to serve as caretakers, the Friends of Kingdom slowly forgot the teachings of humankind, and though the theme park would degrade into rust and be swallowed by overgrowth, the Friends would live on strong.

Kemono Friends Kingdom

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Mobile Game
Chinese Title: 动物朋友-王国 (Simplified Chinese)
動物朋友:王國 (Traditional Chinese)
Japanese Title: ?
Romanized Title: ?
Developer: ?
Publishers: Neocraft Limited (English server)

ZLONGAME (former Singapore/Malaysia server), Game Beans (former Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan server),

Genre: Role-playing game
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows (standalone)
Release Date: May 31, 2022 (Singapore/Malaysia server)

July 13, 2023 (global open beta)

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Kemono Friends Kingdom was originally licensed out for publishing and co-development by Chinese developer ZLONGAME. This version of the game, launched on May 31, 2022, was initially only available to a dedicated Singapore/Malaysia server; the game would extend its reach with servers for the mainland China and Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan regions before long; the latter server would be published by studio Game Beans. All servers used simplified Chinese as their in-game language. These servers would all close on April 14th, 2023, in preparation for the next stage of the game's life cycle.

Around a month later, on May 17, 2023, a global version of Kemono Friends Kingdom was announced and slated for release within a few months. This incarnation was published and co-developed by studios Neocraft Limited and Topjoy; the involvement of ZLONGAME would seem to have ceased. Select regions would gain access to a series of three closed beta tests through Google Play; these ran from May 18 to May 31, June 9 to June 21, and June 28 to July 3 respectively. On July 3, the region-locked closed beta servers would shut down and the global open beta would release on July 13, 2023 for Android and iOS, available in seven languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.



The story opens with a human girl named Jinri waking up submerged in the depths of a river, surrounded by sunken ruins and near to drowning. Confused and fading fast, she snaps to attention at the sound of two voices beyond the water's surface; rallying her resolve, she is able to grab the attention of the strangers. One dives into the river and takes Jinri's outstretched hand in hers, pulling the girl out of the water and onto the shore just as she blacks out. Jinri soon wakes up, exhausted but alive- much to the relief of her saviors, who fret over the girl's condition and deluge her with questions, incidentally introducing one another in the process: the girl who first noticed Jinri's plight was the sharp but meek Chevrotain, and the the bold, white-clad girl who pulled her from the depths was called Least Weasel. Jinri notices the girls' fluffy ears and tails, but finds herself too weary and grateful to comment on their curious fashion sense. Little did she know that her rescuers weren't humans in costume at all; they were amazing beings known as Friends, and Jinri's journey with them- a grand voyage on which she would meet Friends of all kinds, pursue her own lost memories, and uncover the secrets of the ancient and mysterious land she'd found herself in- had only just begun!


In-game screenshot of the main page, as of November 2023.

Kemono Friends Kingdom is an action puzzle/strategy RPG designed for mobile devices, wherein Friends atop a Patrol Plane are launched at enemy Celliens to battle them using their various special abilities. The catapult-launch combat system featuring a diverse cast is often compared to that of casual puzzle game Angry Birds, though the meaningful similarities between the titles end there; Kingdom emphasizes RPG combat, strategic deck building, and game lore, and lacks the emphasis on physics-object building destruction iconic of Angry Birds.




Main article: Park (Kingdom)
The Park, formerly called Paradise, is a lobby where a player can collect resources and read stories about the happenings and goings-on in the lives of their Friends.

Featured Friends

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