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Kemono Friends Festval

Festival Logo.png

Mobile Game
Japanese Title: けものフレンズ FESTIVAL
Romanized Title: Kemono Friends Festival
Developers: Goodroid
Publisher: Goodroid
Genre: Adventure RPG
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: June 7th, 2018
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Kemono Friends Festival is a Kemono Friends mobile game developed by Goodroid. It is the second RPG in the Kemono Friends franchise, with the first being the Nexon game, and the fourth mobile game overall. The game was announced on March 26th, 2018 and released on June 7th, 2018.


  • Main battle sequence is "billiards"-esque, where the player launches circular icons of Friends at foes, which ricochet into one another and off of walls and cause damage through collisions.
    • The player does battle with other Friends (including duplicates of the same Friend) as well as Celliens.
    • Battle stages have natural features, including breakable obstacles (which shatter after a certain number of collisions), unbreakable steel blocks, and poisonous goop (which damages any Friend that passes over it).
    • Defending Friends stay in place when being attacked by the opposing side, which (in tandem with the boundaries of a map or other Friends) can be taken advantage of to score multiple hits in quick succession and swiftly defeat enemies. This applies both ways, however, and can result in a sudden turnabout against the player's favour. Think strategically!
    • As battles progress turn by turn, eventually Friends will be able to unleash a special attack (the number of turns remaining before activation is indicated via a number in the upper-lefthand corner of their icon). These special attacks are unique to each Friend and are useful in a variety of ways. Opposing Friends and Celliens can take advantage of this too.
    • Celliens, unlike Friends, do not "ricochet" and attack through collision but instead remain static on maps before being defeated. Their attack patterns generally involve linear patterns discharged from a stationary location and inflict higher damage than typical Friend mobs.


  • Friend acquisition is gacha-based and can be accessed using gold and silver Kisekiseki ("Miracle Stones"), which serve as Festival's premium and regular gacha currencies respectively.
    • The gold Kisekiseki pulls naturally include, but do not guarantee, ★★★★ Friends, and are subject to temporary rateups. Players can pull individually or in groups of ten, which include complementary eleventh pull free.
    • The silver Kisekiseki pulls, on the other hand, draw primarily from ★ and ★★ Friends (mainly the former) but also have a very low chance of producing specific ★★★ Friends.
  • Silver Kisekiseki are very easy to come by and are regularly rewarded from clearing maps, even ones that the player has already completed. Gold Kisekiseki are awarded as a one-time present for clearing a new map and are otherwise only available through daily login bonuses and Lucky Beast advertisement rewards. For 3600円 a player can purchase a 10+1 pull (but not the 3000 KSK) from the premium gacha.



Pre-Registration Campaign

Pre-reg steps.png
  • 10,000 - 300 Miracle Gems
  • 30,000 - 900 Miracle Gems
  • 60,000 - 1800 Miracle Gems
  • 100,000 - Shiserval Right

Confirmed Friends

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