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Kemono Friends 3 is a mobile game developed and originally published SEGA and released in 24 September, 2019. Kemono Friends 3 was first announced by SEGA during their Tokyo Game Show 2018 stage event, and formally unveiled on 12 January, 2019, alongside its sibling game, Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours. It seemingly named as a sequel to the anime Kemono Friends 2 (2019) but 3's story takes place during the Japari Park's pre-opening period. It is long before the 2 seasons of anime take place and (relatively) shortly after the main story of the Nexon mobile Game published in 2015. Friends including Dhole, Meerkat and Short-Beaked Common Dolphin play as new leads to help JSRT Captain (the player) to protect the Park against emerging Cellien threats. The game is free to play with microtransactions and gacha elements.

Kemono Friends 3

Kemono Friends 3 Logo.png

Mobile Game
Japanese Title: けものフレンズ3
Romanized Title: Kemono Furenzu 3
Developer: SEGA
Publisher: SEGA (2019-2021), Appirits (2021-present)
Genre: Roleplaying Game
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows(DMM Player)
Release Date: September 24, 2019

Since 1st August, 2021, Appirits took ownership as the next publisher for Kemono Friends 3 while SEGA will continue to work on the development of this game. The game was once available on PlayStation 4 and 5 starting from June 6th, 2022 but due to unsolvable issues Appirits decided to withdraw from PS platforms and players can receive a full refund.

On September 6 2022, a traditional Chinese server of the game was announced on a Taiwanese media site, and is scheduled to be launched on March 14, 2023. The server is run by the Taiwanese game company Wayi International Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., and will be available to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. At launch, the game system is close to the latest version of Japanese server, while the main story is unlocked up to the third chapter of the first season.


The game takes place in a building labeled "Japari Security and Research Team", abbreviated to JSRT. The building is located in the An'in Region during a timeline after original game released by Nexon and before Japari Park is open. The story focused around the Expedition Team whose members are Captain, Dhole, Meerkat, Bald Eagle, Short-Beaked Common Dolphin, and Lion. A English-speaking human character, Calenda, has been shown traveling to Japari Park with a modified Lucky Beast, she also accompanied by chuunibyou group known as Japari Dan whose members are Blackbuck, Tasmanian Devil, and Australian Devil. Both Expedition Team and Japari Dan group worked together to solve many incidents in Japari Park.


Kemono Friends 3 is a JRPG with similar gameplay to the original Nexon game. The object of the game is to progress through various quests, battle Celliens, and collect Friends. The game has full 3D animation and partial voice acting.


The Quest Mode menu.

Quests are the main component of the game. Players will be able to advance through the plot by building teams of Friends that are powerful enough to defeat stronger and stronger foes. Each quest costs a certain amount of Stamina to attempt, a meter that replenishes in real-time. Increasing your Party Level will increase the maximum amount of Stamina you can have at once.

The Main Story is released on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Each chapter contains 12 episodes, which are further divided into multiple battles and stories. In addition to being able to see the main characters explore Japari Park and interact with more Friends, players will receive a premium currency bonus the first time they clear each battle.

There are several other types of quests including Growth Quests, Special Quest, Friend Stories, and Arai-san's Captain Diary. Upon completing those quests, players will also be able to clear Missions to obtain various rewards.

There are also recurring event quests including Japari Park Off-limit Area.Blockade Lifted (ジャパリパーク立ち入り禁止区域・解除開始), Cellien Cleanup (セルリアン大掃除), Physical Fitness Test (体力測定), Wild Release Challenge (野生大解放チャレンジ), as well as various limited events to celebrate special occasions or festivals, and collaborations with franchises or characters outside Kemono Friends.


A battle against a wave of Celliens.

Battles follow a traditional turn-based combat system. Enemy Celliens will attack in waves, and the player can compose a party of up to 5 Friends to defeat all of the waves without being knocked out. The player starts out being able to take 3 actions per turn, with no restrictions on selecting the same Friend multiple times in a row.

Full details about combat at Beginner's Guide.

Players influence combat by assigning one of three Flags to each Friend:

  • Beat - Performs a skill unique to each Friend.
  • Action - Attacks, and increases the Kemono Miracle meter, which can be used to activate signature moves with unique names and animations.
  • Try - Attacks, and boosts the stats of the party on the next turn.

If more than one Friend has the same Flag, a Kemo Chorus will be activated, providing a bonus to each Friend. Additionally, Kemo Choruses can be used to fill the One More (おかわり) meter (indicated by filling up the bowl), which increases the maximum amount of actions that can be taken per turn.

Friends have different skills and different types, and may be strong or weak against different enemies, so players are encouraged to collect a diverse range of Friends and use them wisely. Defeating Celliens will reward the player with items and gold.

Besides battles against Celliens in quests, players can participate daily Shiserval Dojo (シーサーバル道場), a score-attack mode where players have 10 turns to deal as much damage as possible to a Cellian Boss.


Players can participate in a regular PvP mode, Regular Training (いつものくんれん), and a limited-time auto PvP mode, Special Training (とくべつくんれん), to battle against teams from other players. Both PvP modes feature a ranking system. The game auto-assigns a list of opponent teams for you to choose from. Winning the battles gives you points for rank-up and medals to buy items from the shop. You can still a smaller number of medals even when you lose.

See Beginner's Guide - PvP for more details.

JSRT Building

It is the home screen where the player can see the Friends they've collected interact and live their daily lives in the JSRT headquarters. Players can customize some of the furniture.


This is a game mode that rewards you based on the passage of time and allows you to continue the picnic by supplying some foods. In addition to getting the items needed to raise the level limit of Friends, you can also get small amounts of items to help them grow.

See Beginner's Guide - Picnic for full details.

Waiwai Treehouse

The treehouse and solar generator “mantan-san” (it means “Mr.full charge) next to JSRT building. You can customize your own house with furniture and wallpapers, as well as the background music. You can select four Friends to stay in the house. The Friends may have interactions with certain furniture. They also receive buffs that make it easier to increase their friendship level required for increasing Kemono Miracle level. Also, you can get charged battery as time proceeds. Special Quests require these batteries. Players can pay visit to each other's Treehouse and use the selected stickers to give complement to others' Treehouse design.

See Beginner's Guide - Waiwai Treehouse for full details.

Featured Friends


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