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Having Fun is The Best
KemoTalk ID:  ?
Japanese Title: たのしいのがいちばん
Implemented: April 4th, 2018
Friends Present: Fossa, Okapi, Scarlet Macaw
Area: Jungle
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 657 is titled (たのしいのがいちばん). It is unlocked by an interaction between Fossa, Okapi and Scarlet Macaw.


Character Japanese English
??? いいよー♪ノッテきたねー。 All right~♪ Swing and dance~
??? オイッ!オイッ!気持ちいいねー。 Hey! Hey! Feels so good~
Kemotalk 010042001 07.png
……うん? ...Hn?
Kemotalk 010042001 04.png
なんだろ。ゆっくり昼寝してたのに……。 What the heck. I was having a good sleep...
??? よー♪よー♪ Yo~♪ Yo~♪
??? オイッ!オイッ! Hey! Hey!
Kemotalk 010042001 02.png
こっちの方かなっ! Did it come from over here?
Kemotalk 010042001 02.png
あっ、赤いのと茶色いの! Oh, if it isn't the rosy and brunette bunch.
Kemotalk 010037001 02.png
Scarlet Macaw
オイッ! Hey!
Kemotalk 010046001 02.png
オカピだぞー♪ I'm Okapi~♪
Kemotalk 010037001 03.png
Scarlet Macaw
あなーたもいっしょに踊りましょー。 You should da~nce with us too~
Kemotalk 010042001 01.png
キミたちは楽しそうに踊るねぇ。そんなに面白いのー? Seems like you're having a blast. Is dancing really that fun?
Kemotalk 010046001 05.png
そ・れ・は♪ That's-be-cause ♪
Kemotalk 010037001 05.png
Scarlet Macaw
それはっ! That's because!
Kemotalk 010046001 03.png
面白いから踊っているんだよー♪よー♪ We're dancing because it's fun, yo~♪ yo~♪
Kemotalk 010037001 03.png
Scarlet Macaw
オイッ! Hey!
Kemotalk 010046001 03.png
歌ってもいるよ♪よー♪ And singing too, yo, yo~♪
Kemotalk 010042001 03.png
あはは、見てても面白いや。 Ahahah, even just watching you two is enough fun.
Kemotalk 010042001 02.png
目も覚めたし、散歩でもしようかなっ。 I wonder if I should join in too, since I woke up.
Kemotalk 010046001 02.png
じゃあ私たちもついてくよー♪ Then come and follow us, yo~♪
Kemotalk 010037001 03.png
Scarlet Macaw
踊りながら歩こー! Walk and dance with us~!
Kemotalk 010042001 02.png
ふふっ、さわがしいけど、たまにはいいね。 Heh. They're a ruckus, but it's a nice change of pace.
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