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Hippopotamus Archive 1
KemoTalk ID: ?
Japanese Title: カバあーかいぶ1
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Hippopotamus
Area: Savanna
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 0306 is titled Hippopotamus Archive 1 (カバあーかいぶ1). It is unlocked by Hippopotamus reaching Archive Level 2.


Character Japanese English
(ザバーッ) (Bsha!)
Kemotalk 010004001 02.png
ふう……。日差しが強いわね。こんな日は水浴びするに限るわ。 Hm.. The sun's very strong, i'm gonna be limited to bathing in such a day...
Kemotalk 010004001 01.png
珍しく誰も来ないから静かだわ。今日はのんびりできそうね。 It's quiet, no one coming is rare, i think i can relax today.
Kemotalk 010004001 06.png
ふわぁぁぁ……。 Fwaah!
Kemotalk 010004001 08.png
あら、わたしとしたことがはしたないわね。 Oh my, i haven't done anything today..
Kemotalk 020002001 01.png
Lucky Beast Type-03
[Player]さん、カバが水浴びをしています。 [Player], The hippo is bathing.
Kemotalk 020002001 01.png
Lucky Beast Type-03
カバはサバンナの水場で暮らしているカバ科カバ属の動物です。とても大きな口が特徴的です。 Hippos are from the genus hippopotamus, they live in the waters of savannahs. They are often characterised with their big bodies.
Kemotalk 020002001 01.png
Lucky Beast Type-03
カバは水場が好きで、昼間は水場にいることが多いようです。 Hippopotamuses like water and staying in it during day.
Kemotalk 020002001 01.png
Lucky Beast Type-03
カバは、まだまだ特徴がありそうです。 The hippopotamus here seems to have more characteristics.
Kemotalk 020002001 01.png
Lucky Beast Type-03
[Player]さん、さらにカバの観察を続け、情報を集めましょう。 [Player] Let's continue observing and learn more .
Kemotalk 010004001 07.png
ブクブクブク……。 (sleeping sounds)
Kemotalk 010004001 08.png
あら、いけない。静かすぎて寝ちゃったわ。 Oh! I fell asleep because it was too quiet!
Kemotalk 010004001 07.png
……誰か、遊びに来ないかしら。 .....I wonder if anyone would come to play.
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