KemoTalk 0236: Margay, You're Getting Too Excited

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KemoTalk ID:  ?
Japanese Title: マーゲイ、こうふんしすぎ
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Emperor Penguin, Margay
Area: Waterfront
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 236 is titled Margay, You're Getting Too Excited (マーゲイ、こうふんしすぎ). It is unlocked by an interaction between Emperor Penguin and Margay.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010021001 01.png
Emperor Penguin
マーゲイ、どこにいるんだ? Margay, where are you?
Kemotalk 010025001 02.png
はい!コウテイさん、何ですか? Here! Ms. Emperor, what is it?
Kemotalk 010021001 02.png
Emperor Penguin
ちょっと次のライブのこと、確認したいんだ。 I'd like to confirm a little about the next performance.
Kemotalk 010025001 01.png
わかりました。えーと、まず、ステージはあそこに決まりました。 Understood. First of all, the stage was decided to be over there.
Kemotalk 010021001 02.png
Emperor Penguin
そうか。飾りつけはどうなるんだろう? Really. What will be done to decorate?
Kemotalk 010025001 03.png
大丈夫です!アメリカビーバーとコツメカワウソも手伝ってくれるそうです。 It's okay! I heard that North American Beaver and Asian Small-Clawed Otter would also help.
Kemotalk 010021001 02.png
Emperor Penguin
それは助かる!ライブの告知はいつからやるのかな? That's a life saver! When will we have the announcement for the performance?
Kemotalk 010025001 02.png
それももう手配済です!博士と助手がみんなに知らせています。 It's already arranged! The professor and her assistant are informing everyone.
Kemotalk 010021001 03.png
Emperor Penguin
博士たちか。それなら安心だ。 The professor will? I'm relieved.
Kemotalk 010025001 03.png
料理が出るって言ったら、喜んで協力してくれました! When I offered to cook, they were willing to cooperate!
Kemotalk 010021001 02.png
Emperor Penguin
さすが、マネージャーだな。マーゲイに任せてよかったよ。 As expected of our manager. It was good to leave it to Margay.
Kemotalk 010025001 06.png
うはっ!コ、コウテイさんにそんなにほめられたら…… Uwa!!! I-if Ms. Emperor praises me too much......
Kemotalk 010025001 08.png
はあはあ、鼻血が出ちゃいそうです。 Haha, I seem to have gotten a nosebleed.
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