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Table of Contents
For photos sorted by rarity, see here.
For a list of animal Photos, see here.
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After A Hot Bath

KF3 After A Hot BathThumb.png


KF3 Ah~Thumb.png

Ally of Justice

KF3 Ally of JusticeThumb.png

Animals Ahead!

KF3 Animals Ahead!Thumb.png

An'in Ferry Terminal

KF3 An'in Ferry TerminalThumb.png


Basking In The Sun

KF3 Basking In The SunThumb.png


KF3 Bathtime!Thumb.png

Batter Number 4 - Brown Bear

KF3 Batter Number 4 - Brown BearThumb.png

Because I'm The Strongest!

KF3 Because I'm The Strongest!Thumb.png

Beyond The Desert


Big Jump

KF3 Big JumpThumb.png

Blooming Flowers

KF3 Blooming FlowersThumb.png

Bouquet Of Thanks

KF3 Bouquet Of ThanksThumb.png

Books Are Full Of Knowledge

KF3 Books Are Full Of KnowledgeThumb.png

Bubble Ring Prank

KF3 Bubble Ring PrankThumb.png


Café Time

KF3 Café TimeThumb.png

Canvas Of Desert

KF3 Canvas Of DesertThumb.png


KF3 Captaaain!Thumb.png

Caretaker Changeroom

KF3 Caretaker ChangeroomThumb.png

Cat Punch

KF3 Cat PunchThumb.png

Charismatic Hairdresser Suri Alpaca

KF3 Charismatic Hairdresser Suri AlpacaThumb.png

Cheering Lesson!

KF3 Cheering Lesson!Thumb.png

Cheering Song


Chocolate Trap

KF3 Chocolate TrapThumb.png

Collecting Sparkles

KF3 Collecting SparklesThumb.png

Colorful Change

KF3 Colorful ChangeThumb.png

Cooking Class

KF3 Cooking ClassThumb.png


KF3 CrescentThumb.png


Dear My Friends

KF3 Dear My FriendsThumb.png

Delicious Provisions

KF3 Delicious ProvisionsThumb.png


KF3 Demonstration!Thumb.png

Don't Blink!

KF3 Don't Blink!Thumb.png


The Egg's Guidance

KF3 The Egg's GuidanceThumb.png

Everyone, Go!

KF3 Everyone, Go!Thumb.png

Evil and Treachery’s Disciple

KF3 Evil and Treachery’s DiscipleThumb.png

Expedition Diary

KF3 Expedition DiaryThumb.png


Fall Harvest!

KF3 Fall Harvest!Thumb.png

Fang Cell

KF3 Fang CellThumb.png

Fashion Level Up

KF3 Fashion Level UpThumb.png

Favorite Shady Spot

KF3 Favorite Shady SpotThumb.png


KF3 FinishThumb.png

The First Photo!

KF3 The First Photo!Thumb.png


KF3 FlashThumb.png

Fluffy Chocolate Cake

KF3 Fluffy Chocolate CakeThumb.png

Fluffy Cotton Candy

KF3 Fluffy Cotton CandyThumb.png

Freshly Made!

KF3 Freshly Made!Thumb.png

Full Of Happiness

KF3 Full Of HappinessThumb.png

Future Sight

KF3 Future SightThumb.png


Garden In The Secret Realm

KF3 Garden In The Secret RealmThumb.png

Glitter Of Moonlight

KF3 Glitter Of MoonlightThumb.png

Going To The Ocean

KF3 Going To The OceanThumb.png

Good night

KF3 Good nightThumb.png

Guide Map

KF3 Guide MapThumb.png


Hair Treatment?

KF3 Hair Treatment?Thumb.png

Halloween Surprise

KF3 Halloween SurpriseThumb.png

Hand-picking New Style

KF3 Hand-picking New StyleThumb.png

Happy Dance Dance♪


Happy Tiger Year!

KF3 Happy Tiger Year!Thumb.png

Have I Got Everything?

KF3 Have I Got Everything?Thumb.png

Here I Go!

KF3 Here I Go!Thumb.png

Heroic Saga!

KF3 Heroic Saga!Thumb.png


KF3 Hide-And-SeekThumb.png

Hop And Step

KF3 Hop And StepThumb.png

Hunting In The Snow

KF3 Hunting In The SnowThumb.png


I Can Make It All By Myself!

KF3 I Can Make It All By Myself!Thumb.png

I-Intimidation Pose!

KF3 I-Intimidation Pose!Thumb.png

In My Finest Dress

KF3 In My Finest DressThumb.png

In Search Of Strength

KF3 In Search Of StrengthThumb.png


KF3 IntermissionThumb.png

It's Done~

KF3 It's Done~Thumb.png

It’s Hanamaru!

KF3 It’s Hanamaru!Thumb.png


Japari Bun Photo 3☆

KF3 Japari Bun Photo 3☆Thumb.png

Japari Bun Steamer

KF3 Japari Bun SteamerThumb.png

Japari Museum (Photo)

KF3 Japari Museum (Photo)Thumb.png

JHR Bread-Eating Contest

KF3 JHR Bread-Eating ContestThumb.png

Justice Duo

KF3 Justice DuoThumb.png



KF3 Ka-shing!Thumb.png

King of Snakes

KF3 King of SnakesThumb.png


Lesson! Lesson!

KF3 Lesson! Lesson!Thumb.png

Let's Dance

KF3 Let's DanceThumb.png

Let's Eat Together

KF3 Let's Eat TogetherThumb.png

Look Behind You!

KF3 Look Behind You!Thumb.png

Lucky Beast Setup

KF3 Lucky Beast SetupThumb.png


Mairuka’s Paradise

KF3 Mairuka’s ParadiseThumb.png


KF3 March!Thumb.png


KF3 Mmm...Thumb.png


KF3 MomijigariThumb.png

Monkey Sled

KF3 Monkey SledThumb.png

Myamyamya Miracle!

KF3 Myamyamya Miracle!Thumb.png

My Favorite Stuffed Animal

KF3 My Favorite Stuffed AnimalThumb.png

My Specialty!

KF3 My Specialty!Thumb.png


Napping Buddy

KF3 Napping BuddyThumb.png

New Year!

KF3 New Year!Thumb.png

New Year Hanetsuki Showdown!

KF3 New Year Hanetsuki Showdown!Thumb.png

Night On The Japari Line

KF3 Night On The Japari LineThumb.png

Nostalgic Flavor

KF3 Nostalgic FlavorThumb.png


Ocean Café

KF3 Ocean CaféThumb.png

One-Two Step

KF3 One-Two StepThumb.png

On The Lookout

KF3 On The LookoutThumb.png


KF3 Order!Thumb.png

Our Dance Studio!

KF3 Our Dance Studio!Thumb.png


Paopao Together

KF3 Paopao TogetherThumb.png


KF3 ParameciumThumb.png

Park Staff ID

KF3 Park Staff IDThumb.png

Peaceful Moonlit Night


Playing Dress-Up

KF3 Playing Dress-UpThumb.png

Please Have Some Water~♪

KF3 Please Have Some Water~♪Thumb.png

Polka-Dot Hunting

KF3 Polka-Dot HuntingThumb.png

Precious Glasses

KF3 Precious GlassesThumb.png

Present Of The Holy Night

KF3 Present Of The Holy NightThumb.png


KF3 PromiseThumb.png

Prototype Plastic Model Type-SC

KF3 Prototype Plastic Model Type-SCThumb.png

Punkish Beat

KF3 Punkish BeatThumb.png


KF3 PurrThumb.png



KF3 Read-A-BookThumb.png

R-Really Li-Li-Like Y...

KF3 R-Really Li-Li-Like Y...Thumb.png

Reading Time

KF3 Reading TimeThumb.png

Relaxing Park Tour



KF3 RelaxationThumb.png

Reward Whip ♪

KF3 Reward Whip ♪Thumb.png

Richly Colored

KF3 Richly ColoredThumb.png


KF3 Rockin‘timeThumb.png

Rock Rock

KF3 Rock RockThumb.png


Sample Collection

KF3 Sample CollectionThumb.png

Scenery Above The Clouds

KF3 Scenery Above The CloudsThumb.png

Secret Onsen Tour!

KF3 Secret Onsen Tour!Thumb.png

Sensei! Please Get it for Me

KF3 Sensei! Please Get it for MeThumb.png

Serious Kick

KF3 Serious KickThumb.png

Snow and Kon-Kon

KF3 Snow and Kon-KonThumb.png

Snow Mountain Concert

KF3 Snow Mountain ConcertThumb.png

Solitary Training

KF3 Solitary TrainingThumb.png

Song of Happiness

KF3 Song of HappinessThumb.png

Sour Grapes

KF3 Sour GrapesThumb.png

Special Drinks For You

KF3 Special Drinks For YouThumb.png


KF3 SphereThumb.png

Sprint At Full Power!

KF3 Sprint At Full Power!Thumb.png

Staff Car No. 3

KF3 Staff Car No. 3Thumb.png

Staff Pass

KF3 Staff PassThumb.png

Staring Contest

KF3 Staring ContestThumb.png

Step-up Adventure

KF3 Step-up AdventureThumb.png

Strategist’s Secret Art

KF3 Strategist’s Secret ArtThumb.png

Stripe-Counting Team

KF3 Stripe-Counting TeamThumb.png

Strolling On A Snowy Road

KF3 Strolling On A Snowy RoadThumb.png

Stylish Mode

KF3 Stylish ModeThumb.png

Suika-Wari Challenge!

KF3 Suika-Wari Challenge!Thumb.png

Summer Matsuri

KF3 Summer MatsuriThumb.png

Sweet? Sweet!

KF3 Sweet? Sweet!Thumb.png

Sweet Time

KF3 Sweet TimeThumb.png

Swish Swish Swish~

KF3 Swish Swish Swish~Thumb.png

Swoosh! Swoosh! Tengu Wind!

KF3 Swoosh! Swoosh! Tengu Wind!Thumb.png


Tail Cell

KF3 Tail CellThumb.png

Take A Look!

KF3 Take A Look!Thumb.png

Tama-chan Smile!

KF3 Tama-chan Smile!Thumb.png

This Is For You

KF3 This Is For YouThumb.png

This Is My Power!

KF3 This Is My Power!Thumb.png


KF3 ThornThumb.png

Today's Homework Is Doubled!

KF3 Today's Homework Is Doubled!Thumb.png

Tonight Is The Best♪


Tiny Sensei

KF3 Tiny SenseiThumb.png

Top Speed!!

KF3 Top Speed!!Thumb.png

Towards The Sky

KF3 Towards The SkyThumb.png

Traditional Flavor

KF3 Traditional FlavorThumb.png


KF3 TravelersThumb.png

Trick or Treat!

KF3 Trick or Treat!Thumb.png


KF3 T-Treasure!Thumb.png


Voice Training

KF3 Voice TrainingThumb.png


KF3 VolvoxThumb.png


Walking Trail



KF3 Wan-Da-Fu-Ru!Thumb.png

Warm and Cosy

KF3 Warm and CosyThumb.png

Welcome Back

KF3 Welcome BackThumb.png

Welcome to Youkoso!

KF3 Welcome to Youkoso!Thumb.png

We're The Police!

KF3 We're The Police!Thumb.png

Which Way Should We Go?

KF3 Which Way Should We Go?Thumb.png

Who Are You?

KF3 Who Are You?Thumb.png

Writing Activity

KF3 Writing ActivityThumb.png

KF3app 3.png
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Photos (Animal PhotosList by Rarity) • Cards (Arcade)
Friends marked with italics are alternate versions with different attributes to the original.
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African PenguinAfrican Rock PythonAmazon Tree BoaAsian Small-Clawed OtterAtlantic PuffinAustralian BrushturkeyBat-Eared FoxBengal TigerBlackbuck (Horn of Darkness Unleashed) • Black ServalBlack-Tailed Prairie DogCaracalClouded LeopardCommon Bottlenose DolphinCommon GullCommon Ostrich (To The Place Further Than My Visions) • CougarDaito Fruit BatDromedaryEastern Spot-Billed DuckEuropean HareGolden TigerGoshingyu-samaGreat CormorantGreater RheaGreater RoadrunnerHello Kitty ServalHelmeted GuineafowlHi-no-ToriHippopotamusHippopotamus GorgopsJaguar (Successive-Strike Style) • Japanese Pancake DevilfishKamaitachi (Ten)Long-Tailed ChinchillaMeerkatMukkuNorth American BeaverNorthern Goshawk (Coolness For All) • OkapiPanther ChameleonPassenger PigeonPeach PantherRaccoonRed JunglefowlRhinoceros HornbillRingtailRüppell's FoxRyukyu BoarSand Cat (I Just Had A Great Idea) • Scarlet IbisScarlet MacawSheepShoebillShort-Beaked Common DolphinSuzakuTsuchinoko (If You Really Need Me, I Guess I'll Help…) • Tufted PuffinWhite ServalYatagarasu
KF3 Friendly.png
Alpine MarmotAurochsBald Eagle (Justice For All) • BlackbuckBlack MambaByakkoCalifornia Sea LionChapman's ZebraCheetahChinese White DolphinChinstrap PenguinDholeDomestic Dog (Mixed-Breed)DonkeyEastern QuollEastern WolfEzo Brown BearGachapinGolden JackalGray WolfGreater Bird-Of-ParadiseGreater FlamingoHello Mimmy ServalHolstein Friesian CattleJack-o'-LanternJapanese BadgerJapanese MacaqueKamaitachi (Chi)King CobraKing PenguinLarge-Spotted GenetMakamiMalayan Tapir (I'll Try...!) • MooseNine-Tailed FoxOcelotPink Fairy ArmadilloRaccoon DogRaijūReindeerRoyal PenguinSeal Brown HorseServalServal (大きな瞳の美人顔) • Shiserval LeftySiberian ChipmunkSiberian HuskySiberian TigerSivatheriumSouthern CassowarySpectacled CaimanSpotted HyenaStriated CaracaraSumatran TigerSuri AlpacaTasmanian TigerWestern Lowland Gorilla
KF3 Relaxed.png
AardwolfAfrican Bush ElephantAustralian DevilAxolotlBarbary LionBlack LeopardBlack WildebeestBlue WhaleBlue WildebeestBornean OrangutanCape LionCerberusChibi KumamonCoelacanthCommon DeguCommon OstrichCrab-Eating RaccoonCrested Ibis (Doubt My Dulcet Voice?) • Danzaburou-DanukiEmperor PenguinEurasian Eagle-OwlEuropean Cave LionEzo Red Fox (Pro Gamer) • Fennec FoxFraternal MyotisGiant OtterGiant PangolinHonduran White BatIndian ElephantIndian PeafowlIndian WolfJackson's ChameleonJungle CatKing CheetahKodiak BearLarge-Billed CrowLeast WeaselLionMaltese TigerMandrillMasai GiraffeMountain HareNarwhalNorthern White-Faced Owl (Here Comes The Genius Professor) • Pallas's CatRed Fox (You Can Count On Me!) • Red PandaReticulated GiraffeSaber-Toothed TigerSkyfishTachikoma Type-STasmanian Devil (Scary Devil) • ThylacineTibetan Sand Fox (Trend Sense… Tingling?) • Tsushima Leopard CatWestern ParotiaWoolly Mammoth
KF3 Lovely.png
Alisa SoutherncrossArabian OryxArctic FoxArctic HareAustralian Devil (One-Eyed Devil†) • Black Jaguar (Single-Strike Style) • Black-Tailed GullBobcatBrown Long-Eared BatCaracal (どうでも突撃!えんため隊)Chapman's Zebra (Style Icon) • ChickenCollared PeccaryCommon Vampire BatCrested IbisDomestic CatEgyptian GooseEzo Red FoxFennec Fox (Seems Like It's My Time To Shine Too…) • GenbuGentoo PenguinGeoffroy's CatGiant PandaGreater HoneyguideGreen PheasantHilgendorf's Tube-Nosed BatHuacaya AlpacaIriomote CatIsland FoxJapanese HareJapanese River OtterMalayan TapirMasked BoobyMeerkat (Tutor of Justice) • Northern GoshawkNubian IbexOinari-samaOkinawa RailOriental StorkPallas's Cat (Dressed To The Teeth) • Red FoxSand CatSatanic Leaf-Tailed GeckoSecretarybirdSika DeerSilky AnteaterSilver FoxSnowshoe HareSouthern TamanduaTachikoma Type-HTasmanian DevilTibetan Sand FoxWhite HorseWhite LionWhite PeafowlWhite Reindeer
KF3 Active.png
AardvarkAdélie PenguinAfrican Golden WolfAfrican Wild DogArizonan JaguarAsian Small-Clawed Otter (Smile Delivery!) • Aye-AyeBald EagleBergman's BearBlack RhinocerosBrown BearCampo FlickerCanada LynxCapybaraCommon WombatCoyoteDall SheepDe Brazza's MonkeyDhole (Trusty Vice-Captain) • Dire WolfDomestic DogDomestic PigDraco CentaurosEmerald Tree BoaGambian Pouched RatGastornisGiant AnteaterGiant ArmadilloHoney BadgerIndian RhinocerosJaguarJapanese WolfKeroroKirinKomodo DragonLeopardManed WolfMargayOkinawan HabuPale FoxParaceratheriumPlains Zebra (Guru of Stripes) • PronghornRaccoon (My Time To Shine-Noda!) • Royal Penguin (The Princess of PPP) • Saltwater CrocodileShiserval RightShort-Beaked Common Dolphin (Wafui Wafuuui!) • Southern Rockhopper PenguinSun WukongTsukuyomi-No-ShinshiUnicoWhite RhinocerosWolverineYamata No Orochi
KF3 Carefree.png
Arctic WolfBearded SealBlack-Headed IbisBlack JaguarBlue-and-Yellow MacawCellvalChestnut HorseChevrotainCrested PorcupineDebiru-samaEurasian Eagle-Owl (That's Where The Brilliant Assistant Comes In) • Eurasian LynxFossaGannan YakGolden Snub-Nosed MonkeyGreat AukGreat HornbillGreater LophorinaHamadryas BaboonHarp SealHigumamonHumboldt PenguinImpalaInugami GyoubuJapanese CormorantJinmengyoKamaitachi (Setsu)KoalaLion (Our Pride) • Mountain TapirNew Guinea Singing DogNew Zealand Giant PenguinNorthern White-Faced OwlOrcaPeregrine FalconPlains ZebraPolar BearRed-Eared SliderResplendent QuetzalSeiryuShisa LeftyShisa RightSilver Fox (Genius Inventor G) • Skyfish (なないろにきらめく☆) • Southern Sea OtterSouthern Tamandua (One-Shot Pose!) • Steller Sea LionStoatThomson's GazelleTsuchinokoTundra WolfWalrusWhite TigerWild Bactrian CamelWitch
Appeared but Unobtainable Currently
Rock Dove