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==PC (DMM)==
==PC (DMM)==
This guide will walk you through how to get the DMM PC version of Kemono Friends 3 installed and ready to play. Over the course of this guide, you will download the DMM GAME PLAYER program, create an account for DMM, and download Kemono Friends 3.
1. Go here: https://kemono-friends.sega.jp/dmg/
KF3 can be played on the DMM Games launcher on PC, but recent updates have rendered the installation guide we used outdated. For the time being, join [https://discord.com/invite/THev8Nt the Discord Server], navigate to #kemofure-kf3, and ask for help there.
2. Click on the moving icon that says いますぐゲームスタート.
3. The window that comes up will ask if you have the DMM GAME PLAYER. If you do and you have a DMM account, skip down to Step 17 below. If you don't, click the orange button that says DMM GAME PLAYER インストール(Windows版) and proceed to Step 4.
4. Download the file, open it, and install it.
5. Once you've installed the player, open the program. This will take you to the program's log-in window.
6. If you don't have a DMM Account (you will need one), click on the yellow button that says 無料会員登録はこちら to begin creating an account.  
7. The window will change to a registration window which says 会員登録 at the top. Enter your email address into the first box labeled メールアドレス and your password in the second box labeled パスワード.
8. The box under the password box is asking you if you would like to receive electronic newsletters from DMM.com. Uncheck it if you don't want that.
9. Once you've filled everything out, click the yellow 認証メールを送信 button.
10. The window will change to 認証コードを入力. Go to the email you registered and look for an email from dmm.com. In the email, find the verification code (labeled 会員登録認証コード), copy it, and paste it into the 認証コード box in the DMM GAME PLAYER window. Then click the orange 認証 button at the bottom right of the window.
11. The window will close for a few moments. When it comes back, the next screen (プロフィール登録) will ask for some profile information.
a. The first box (ニックネーム) asks for your nickname. You can use the blue button on the right (ランダム生成) to generate a random nickname.
b. The second box asks for your gender. The options are male on the left (男性) and female on the right (女性).
c. Your birthday, in Year/Month/Day format.
d. These two boxes are for if you want to receive the DMM GAMES or FANZA GAMES newsletters. Uncheck these if you don't want them.
When you're done, click the orange 入力内容を確認 button.
12. Once you've done that, the program will ask you to confirm what you've entered. Note that if you unchecked the two newsletter boxes, the bottom two messages will say DMM GAMES/FANZA GAMESを受信しない (Do not send DMM GAMES/FANZA GAMES), so don't worry that you're seeing these names again even though you unchecked them before.
13. If everything's correct, click the orange 登録 button to finish the registration.
14. With your registration complete, click the blue はじめる button at the bottom of the next screen. This will take you to the DMM GAME PLAYER's main screen.
15. A pop up labeled 通知設定 will come up. This is asking for your desired notification settings. The first one asks if you want push notifications for the latest information on R-18 contents. The second asks if you want unread push notifications to be sent to your email. Once you decide on your settings, click the yellow 設定 button.
16. You're now ready to install Kemono Friends 3. Go back to this website: https://kemono-friends.sega.jp/dmg/. (If you had the DMM GAME PLAYER already, make sure you’re logged in.)
17. Click on the いますぐゲームスタート button, then click the blue 今すぐプレイ! button. This will prompt you to open the link in DMM GAME PLAYER. Do so.
18. The DMM GAME PLAYER window may change to a "Could not display page" page (ページを表示できませんでした). If it does, don't worry. Wait a few seconds for another window, labeled 利用規約, the Terms of Service, to pop up.
19. At the bottom, click the first box (which says you read the ToS) and decide on the next two boxes. The second asks if you want to receive notifications from the game. The third asks if you want the game to show up in your profile and other places.
20. Once you've made your selections, click the yellow 次へ button at the bottom right.
21. You'll be taken to the download (ダウンロード) window. Click on the gray 参照 button on the right to choose where you want to download the game. The checkbox at the bottom asks if you want to open the game once the download is complete. Once you've finished, click on the orange ダウンロード button, and the game will begin downloading.
22. Once the download has finished, click on the Myゲーム button beneath your avatar and username at the top left of the DMM GAME PLAYER window. This will show the games you've downloaded.
23. Hover over the Kemono Friends 3 icon, then click the orange ダウンロード版でプレイ button. After a few seconds, the game will open. Additionally, your web browser may open to a DMM Page with an orange link to the game's official page. You don't need to do anything here, so you can just close your browser/the tab if you don’t want to go to the official page.
24. If you already have a Kemono Friends 3 account elsewhere on mobile, you can link your account to your DMM version if you want. Linking your account will allow you to play the same Kemono Friends 3 file on either your mobile device or on DMM. If you want to link your account, proceed to Step 25. If you do not want to link your account or are starting a new game, proceed to Step 30.
Steps 25 through 28 are illustrated in this link, pinned in the #kemofure-kf3 channel. https://imgur.com/a/b3DUVqs
25. To link your account, you will need a data transfer ID and a password from your original account. To do this, log in to Kemono Friends 3 on your original device. On the home screen inside the house, click on the その他 button on the middle right of the screen. Then click the first button in the third row, labeled データ連携・引き継ぎ.
26. In the new screen, your transfer ID will already be visible in the ID line. Set your password by clicking on the second green button labeled 設定 on the right. Enter whatever password you'd like. Write down your ID and password somewhere.
27. In the DMM game window, on the title screen, click on the 設定 button, the second button on the bottom left of the screen.
28. Click the データ連携・引き継ぎ button at the bottom of the window that pops up. A notice will appear with the following message: “You cannot transfer between DMM accounts. Furthermore, you can only link data to a DMM account once.” Click the orange button.
29. On the next screen, input your ID in the first box and your password in the second box, then click the orange 決定 button. Tap on the title screen to enter the game and skip to Step 31.
30. If you did not want to link accounts or if you are starting a new game, simply tap on the title screen.
31. You will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service. Just click the orange 同意する button to agree.
32. You will be asked to select your graphics quality setting. By default, this option is set to high quality (the 高画質 button on the right). If you want it set to standard quality, click the 標準 button on the left. Then click OK.
33. The game will begin. Have fun playing Kemono Friends 3 on PC!
==PC (Emulation)==
==PC (Emulation)==

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Mobile (iOS)

You need a Japanese Apple ID to download Kemono Friends 3 on iOS.

1. Go to https://appleid.apple.com/ and click "Create Your Apple ID."

2. Choose Japan as the country and create the ID.

3. Sign out of your existing account and in to your new account and click "Review."

4. Select "None" as a payment method. Use a valid Japanese address in the Billing Information section.

5. Search "けものフレンズ3" and install.

6. Run the game. You will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service. Just click the orange 同意する button to agree.

7. You will be asked to select your graphics quality setting. By default, this option is set to high quality (the 高画質 button on the right). If you want it set to standard quality, click the 標準 button on the left. Then click OK.

Mobile (Android)

The simplest method of installing on Android is using QooApp.

1. Go to https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/880 and download the QooApp APK.

2. Navigate to your Files/Downloads app and run the QooApp APK.

3. Create a QooApp account

4. Search "けものフレンズ3" and install.

5. Run the game. You will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service. Just click the orange 同意する button to agree.

6. You will be asked to select your graphics quality setting. By default, this option is set to high quality (the 高画質 button on the right). If you want it set to standard quality, click the 標準 button on the left. Then click OK.


KF3 can be played on the DMM Games launcher on PC, but recent updates have rendered the installation guide we used outdated. For the time being, join the Discord Server, navigate to #kemofure-kf3, and ask for help there.

PC (Emulation)

Kemono Friends 3 can be emulated using Bluestacks but this is not recommended due to performance problems with emulating the game.

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