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This page exists as a simple reference sheet for those community members who have requested to be pinged when pictures of certain characters from Kemono Friends are posted in #friends-art on our Discord server. If you're viewing this page, chances are you accessed it from #friends-art or from the original announcement on the server.

To add yourself, please follow the simple instructions outlined below:

  1. Find the Friend(s) you want to be pinged for. If the Friend appeared in the anime, they'll be in the anime section. For all other Friends, check the "Other" subcategory below. If your Friend of choice is not already there, you can add them like so: [[Kyushu Owl]] (Please add new Friends in alphabetical order!)
  2. Input your Discord username next to the Friend's own, including an @ symbol. Example: @初霜#0078
  3. Save the article and await future pings of your Friend(s) of choice.

To ping, simply copy and paste the list of usernames next to each Friend and send it with your art upload/link in #friends-art.

Disclaimer: If you change your Discord name, you will need to edit it here as well.

A Friend Worth Pinging For

Anime (Major)