Japanese River Otter/Stage Play

Japanese River Otter appears as a character in =LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends".

Japanese River Otter

Japanese River OtterStage Play.png

Friend Data
Actress: Risa Otoshima
Japanese River Otter Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery


The owner of a Japanese River Otter inn. She is a sensible and generous, but has no patience for excesses.

Role in the Plot

She first appears as the owner of the inn where Passenger Pigeon heard rumors of the play. She had heard about the play from the Friends at her inn and had accumulated knowledge about it. She told Japanese Wolf and her friends that Dire Wolf and Gastornis were once good friends and that the outdoors was unsuitable for theatrical practice because of the presence of ceruleans. By chance, she became a member of Dreaming Friends Theater Company. She had been practicing the play with her friends, but she couldn't stand the sight of her friends scattering and Australian Devil eating all the Japari Bun, so she abandoned the practice and left. After making up with Australian Devil privately, she was persuaded to return to her friends by Tsuchinoko, who suddenly appeared. She and her friends rescued Japanese Wolf that had been attacked by a cerulean and went on to perform the play.


Gastornis, Dire Wolf

Once upon a time, when Gastornis and Dire Wolf were putting on a play, Japanese River Otter rented her inn out as a rehearsal space. Therefore, she knows them well.

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