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Humboldt Penguin

Hululu iconv.png

Friend Data
Debut Date: April 26, 2021
Phase: First
Channel: フンボルトペンギン/Humboldt Penguin
Social Media: @Hululu_KEMOV
Tag: #フンボルトペンギンちゃんねる
Art Tag: #ふんぼるとあーと
Personal Emotes: ?
Humboldt Penguin Anime Season 2 Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play KemoV Gallery

Humboldt Penguin, nicknamed Hululu, is a Virtual YouTuber and part of the KemoV project.


Humboldt Penguin resembles her personality in other Kemono Friends media. She calls her fans "Huluna" (フルナ).


Regular Streams

Her regular stream recurs every day at 7:00 JST and lasts for an hour, named "Hululu Alarm Clock" (めざましフルル). A number of themes, like weather reports, riddle guessing, singing nursery rhymes and chatting with her viewers (often in English), often occur in her livestreams.


April 28th, 2021: Her first personal stream.


African Penguin

The two pose as sisters and occasionally have collaboration livestreams with skits and challenges.


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