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Humboldt Penguin

Humboldt PenguinAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Ikuko Chikuda
First Appearance: Episode 8
Home Area: Waterfront
Associated Characters: P.P.P.
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Humboldt Penguin Anime Season 2 Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play KemoV

Humboldt Penguin appears as a member of the Penguins Performance Project in Episode 8.


Humboldt Penguin can be described to have an "airhead" personality. She is particularly free-spirited and not always aware of her current situation. During her introduction, she mistakenly gives her nickname instead of telling which penguin she is. Furthermore, during practice, she commented on a Japari bun instead of being focused on practice. Furthermore, during Penguins Performance Project's practice rehearsal, Humboldt Penguin can be seen eating a Japari Bun before the performance, which shows her overall lax nature.

Role in the Plot

Episode 8

In episode 8, Humboldt is one of the star members in Penguins Performance Project. She perform "Aozora Dreamer" during the group's performance.

Episode 12

In episode 12, Humboldt Penguin helps fend off the Black Cerulean by attacking one of its legs. She can also be seen in the after-party celebration with the other P.P.P. members and with Japanese Crested Ibis and Scarlet Ibis.


Margay Cat

After the performance, the members of P.P.P. agree to have Margay Cat act as their manager due to her extensive knowledge and guidance on the group. During the rehearsal, Margay cat remarks that Humboldt has a "airheadedness" which "soothes the soul".


Humboldt is a member of P.P.P. and is on good terms with the other members.


Kaban helps encourages the P.P.P. group during their rehearsal, and the group takes a liking to Kaban.

In the Anthology Manga

Volume II, Chapter 17

In the manga, Humboldt Penguin makes a short appearance in one panel during this chapter.


All the P.P.P. members appear in the preview episode after the end of the episode. In this, they make a comment on the next episode and make offside jokes.