Frilled Lizard

Frilled Lizard is a reptile Friend who has made appearances in both the Kemono Friends anime and the original Kemono Friends game.

Frilled Lizard

Frilled LizardOriginal.png

Character Data
Also known as: Chlamydosaurus, Frilled-Neck Lizard
Japanese Name: エリマキトカゲ
Romanised Name: Erimaki Tokage
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Chlamydosaurus kingii
Distribution: Australia, New Guinea
Diet: Carnivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 8-12 Years
Read More: Chlamydosaurus
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Frilled Lizard Anime Festival Pavilion Nexon Game


Frilled Lizard has dark brown hair with light tan eyes. She wears a sleeveless sweatshirt with a large collar that symbolizes the large frill that the actual frilled lizard has. She wears long finger-less gloves that are olive in color with dark stripes. She also wears spats with thigh-high leggings and boots that have the same stripped pattern on the gloves.

In Real Life

A frightened frilled lizard!

The frilled lizard is a relatively large member of the lizard family, growing up to 2.79 feet. It is capable of two-legged movement and when it does so moves with a great and purposeful stride. They are usually brown or gray with splotches of darker colors mixed in to give the appearance of tree bark. There is not one standard color however, the lizard's coloration is largely dependent on its environment. For example, a lizard in a clay filled environment will likely have a collage of oranges, reds and browns versus one in a more tropical region which would have a mixture of darker browns and greys. The most distinct feature of these lizards is a large ruff of skin which usually lies folded back against its head and neck. The neck frill is supported by long spines of cartilage which are connected to the jaw bones. When it is frightened, it produces a starting display; opening is mouth exposing a bright pink or yellow lining, spreading its frill displaying bright orange and red scales, raises its body and sometimes holds its tail above its body. This reaction is used for territorial displays, to discourage predators and during courtship.

The frilled lizards is found mainly in the northern regions of Australia and New Guinea. It tends to be a tree loving lizard and spends a majority of its time there. They only venture to the ground to search for food or engage in territorial conflicts. The arboreal habitat may be a product of the lizard's diet which consists of small bugs, and vertebrate (usually other smaller lizards). This can include cicadas, beetles, termites and even mice. They hunt their prey using an ambush method, lying in wait for their prey. When they eat, they eat in abundance and these periods of indulgence typically occur during the wet season.

Frilled lizards breed in the early wet season from September to October. Adult males fight for mates, displaying their frills and biting each other. One to two bundles of 6-25 eggs are laid from early to mid season. They are laid in a nest below the ground in sunny areas.

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