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Fennec Fox

Fennec FoxAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Kana Motomiya
First Appearance: Episode 1
Home Area: Savanna
Associated Characters: Raccoon
Has Promotional Video: No
Fennec Fox Anime Season 2 Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3​ (V2)​ Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Fennec is a major character in the Kemono Friends anime. She first appeared in Episode 1 along with Raccoon.


Fennec is very intelligent and patient. Her best friend is Raccoon who she normally refers to as "Arai-san". Fennec could best be described as the polar opposite of Arai-san. Fennec is calm, collected and prefers to observe and think through her choices rather than run-off on an impulse. She is intelligent and observant, quickly figuring out that Kaban is the "hat thief" in Episode 12 and she also knows how to navigate based on the sun and stars per her statement to Kaban when she was trying to locate the Four Gods. Fennec is almost like an older sister to Arai-san, trying to teach her and keep her out of trouble and thus this reflects onto other Friends as well.

Role in the Plot

Episode 1 - Savanna Area

Raccoon searches for the scent of the Friend that stole a hat she found that let the Lucky Beasts talk to her. Fennec follows behind her and implores her to take her time, to which Raccoon replies that the Park will be in grave danger if she doesn't catch the hat thief quickly. Fennec doesn't seem to take her seriously, but still decides to tag along with her.

Episode 3 - Mountain

The pair encounters Hippopotamus rising from a pond, startling the both of them. Hippopotamus confirms that they're going right in the direction of the hat thief, and Fennec compliments Raccoon for being on track. Raccoon then hurries off to catch the thief. Fennec walks along behind her and thanks Hippopotamus for her help.

Episode 4 - Desert Area

After almost drowning in a river, Fennec advises Raccoon to be more careful. The duo then learns about somebody called Kaban who built the contraption that saved Raccoon. Fennec asks Jaguar about the hat thief's whereabouts, and she directs them towards the mountain. Without even hearing Jaguar's full explanation, Raccoon quickly runs towards the mountain in pursuit of the hat thief. Fennec follows her and thanks Jaguar for the tip.

Episode 5 - Lake Shore

After Raccoon realizes that the hat thief already went down the mountain, Fennec tells Raccoon that she needs to slow down a bit. After taking in the atmosphere of the cafe, the two resume their hunt again.

Episode 6 - Plains

In the exit of the Underground Labyrinth, Raccoon and Fennec hear about the Lucky Beast talking to the hat thief, only to reveal that Raccoon can also make him talk, holding one red feather of the Park Guide's hat in her hand.

Episode 7 - Japari Library

Raccoon and Fennec stay the night in the house by the Lake Shore, while telling the story on how Raccoon found the hat back in the Savannah and made Boss talk. When Raccoon asks Fennec what it was that Boss said, she replied that there is "something important to the Friends and us underground". The episode cuts off before they can continue the story.

Episode 8 - PPP Live

After playing a football-like game with the Plains groups, the duo asks them about the hat thief. Shoebill suggests that there might have been a mix-up, which Fennec agrees with. However, Raccoon still denies that there's something wrong about her suspicions and continues chasing the hat thief.

Episode 9 - Snowy Mountains Area

The pair gets permission from the Owls to enter the Restricted Area. Later, they meet the members of the Penguins Performance Project. Raccoon talks about the hat being stolen around the time of the last eruption, while also learning that Kaban also met the idols. Fennec subtly hints that there might be a connection between this 'Kaban' and the hat thief.

Episode 10 - Lodge

Fennec and Raccoon tells the story of how Raccoon fell off the cliff during the sandstar eruption, seeing a black shadow taking her hat. Campo Flicker suggests that it might have been a Friend that was born during the eruption.

Episode 11 - Cerulean

The pair catches up to Kaban and Serval. After charging against the defenseless Kaban, Raccoon recovers the park guide hat, much to her delight. As she finishes putting the red feather back in the hat, she listens to what Serval has to say and starts doubting that the hat thief and the Kaban that she heard of are the same. Fennec explains that the 'hat thief' they've been chasing is the same person as Kaban, to Raccoon's surprise. Raccoon then apologizes and returns the hat to Kaban. After listening to Mirai's message with Kaban and Serval, they learned about the Four Gods' Tablets, which was supposedly pointed out in Kaban's map. Fennec reveals that she learned how to navigate with the stars and the sun to prevent Raccoon from running off, and helps the two on finding out the tablet locations. Raccoon and Fennec helps Kaban in searching for the tablets, aligning them to make the filter work again. Later, they reunite with the rest of the group and listens to the plan to defeat the Black Cerulean. Kaban instructs them both to guide Friends away from the area.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Fennec participates in the fight against the Black Cerulean, digging out a trapping pit with the help of Sand Cat and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog. She is later seen listening to the story of how Raccoon lost the park guide hat.



Fennec and Raccoon are both good friends. However, Fennec enjoys teasing Raccoon and following her on whatever adventure she leads.