Ezo Brown Bear

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Ezo Brown Bear

Ezo Brown BearOriginal.png

Ezo Brown BearOldDesign.png

Character Data
Also known as: Hokkaidō Brown Bear, Ussuri Brown Bear
Japanese Name: エゾヒグマ
Romanised Name: Ezo Higuma
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Ursus arctos yesoensis
Distribution: Hokkaidō
Diet: Omnivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 30 years
Read More: Ezo brown bear
Conservation Status: SmolLP.png
Ezo Brown Bear Anime Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

The Ezo Brown Bear is a type of mammalian Friend that debuted in the original Kemono Friends mobile game and later cameoed in the Kemono Friends anime. She has since appeared in the mobile games Kemono Friends Festival and Kemono Friends 3.


She has baige hair with Black pigtails and a pink bandana with a white pentagon with spaced out outlines cropped by a triangle. She has brown eyes that fade to green at the bottom. She has a sleeveless white shirt, a furry beige torn tie, and a pink long jacket with ripped sleeves and black plackets. She has a short baige skirt with a white stripe, black shorts and open-toe black boots with fur cuff. She has a sledgehammer-like weapon with a huge bear paw on a green stick that is decorated with a pink tie.

The differences in her old designs that she has yellow hair, she doesn't have a jacket, her tie is pink and isn't furry, She has L🖤L on her bandana, her skirt is black, her shoes don't have any holes and her weapon's stick is brown and doesn't have a bow.

In Real Life

Ezo brown bear, now also known as Ussuri brown bear or black grizzly bear, is a subspecies of the brown bear or a population of the Eurasian brown bear. Its scientific name is now synonyms to Ursus arctos lasiotus (Ussuri brown bear). It is one of the largest brown bears, only slightly smaller than the largest subspecies, Kodiak Bear. Following the description of Kemono Friends franchise, this article will only focuses on the populations in Hokkaido.

Ezo Brown Bear as a subspecies has more or less the same appearance and behaviour as brown bear. It is however somewhat darker fur and bigger in size. The largest individual found in Erimo, southern Hokkaido in 2007 weighs up to 520kg. The bear inhabits the forests and wildernesses of Hokkaido. During the summer and autumn seasons, it extends its range into the mesic and alpine zones. From the end of the Edo Period to the beginning of the Meiji Period (1865-1868), the entire Hokkaido area was inhabited by this species, except for villages and certain islands.

There are now five regional subpopulations of Ezo brown bears recognized in Hokkaido. Of these, the small and isolated subpopulation of the western Ishikari has been listed as an endangered species in Japan’s Red Data Book. About 90 to 152 of them are thought to inhabit the West Ishikari Region and from 84 to 135 in the Teshio-Mashike mountains. Human activities such as road construction and forestry have limited their habitat. Excessive harvesting also hinders its population. In 2015, the Biodiversity Division of the Hokkaido government estimated the population to be as high as 10,600.


  • Ainu, indigenous people once populated regions including Hokkaido Island that are historically referred to as Ezo (蝦夷), worship Ezo Brown Bear through eating its flesh and drinking its blood as part of a religious festival known as Iomante (イオマンテ). In Japanese, the ceremony is known as "sending off the bear" (熊送り, kumaokuri) or, "the bear festival" (熊祭, kumamatsuri). The ceremony now no longer involves any animal sacrifice, but is performed for wild animals that die in accidents or captive animals that die of old age.
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