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|jpdescription=まいターン たいりょくがかいふくする
|jpdescription=まいターン たいりょくがかいふくする
|update=10/11/2019: Added to [[Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours]].
|update=10/11/2019: Added to [[Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours]].
|trivia=* This card is a possible reference to the original [[Nexon Game|Nexon Game]]. And how [[Giant Anteater/Nexon Game|Giant Anteater]], [[Southern Tamandua/Nexon Game|Southern Tamandua ]], and [[Silky Anteater/Nexon Game|Silky Anteater]] were a trio who often traveled together in search of food.
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[[Category:SR Cards (KF3)]] [[Category:Cards (KF3)]]

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Card Name: Rarity: Illustrator: Limited: Card Name (JP):
Eat As Much As You Like KF3SR.png こるせ No たくさん食べるがよい
Skill:  ?
Skill (JP): まいターン たいりょくがかいふくする
Update History:
10/11/2019: Added to Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours.


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