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Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 10, Page 4
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 10
Occupation: Unknown
Associated Characters: Nana
Cheetah Season 2 Manga Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play

Cheetah makes a minor appearance in Chapter 10 of the manga, where she briefly interacts with Nana.


Cheetah, similar to Ezo Red Fox, thinks of the staff of Japari Park as nothing more than servants that exist to serve her every need. This attitude translates to her interactions with Nana, whom she takes great pleasure in demeaning and ordering around. She is also very lazy; despite her physical capabilities as a Friend, she chooses to live a sedentary lifestyle in the warmth and safety of her suburban home.

Despite her negative qualities, however, she has a heart -- Cheetah immediately goes out of her way to protect Nana when the handler finds herself in danger.

Role in the Plot

As part of her duties as handler, Nana visits Cheetah's house due to a request for help and rings the doorbell. Cheetah makes her first appearance at this point, opening the door and immediately calling the young handler an "imbecile" in her greeting. Intimidated, Nana gets the sense that she shouldn't be involved with this Friend, and attempts to run away from the house. Cheetah is extremely fast, however, and catches the fleeing Nana effortlessly. She informs the human that she'll be her servant from now on, and while she attempts to refuse, she ultimately relents, beginning their professional relationship as "master" and "servant".

Once the two go back inside the house, Cheetah explains to her servant that she is in the middle of "hibernation", because the weather outside is too hard on her body, which is used to the heat. She provides Nana with a list of groceries to go buy in her stead, a task with which the handler complies. Returning, Nana is dismayed to see Cheetah relaxing under a kotatsu, in an unventilated room filled with heaters. She opens up a window, despite the Friend's objections, proclaiming that she is responsible for her health as a staff member of Japari Park. Cheetah reluctantly accepts, calling Nana "quite the character under that plain-looking face".

Nana then takes Cheetah out to get some exercise, concerned that her sedentary lifestyle has led to decreased stamina; Cheetah sprints while her human "servant" keeps up on bicycle. During the run, however, Nana hits a rock and loses her balance, careening towards a steep hill. Fortunately, Cheetah is quick to act, catching the human mid-fall to protect her from harm. Nana thanks her profusely afterwards, and jokingly asks if the cat Friend will now say something like "Lick my feet". Contrary to the queenly tone she took at the beginning of the chapter, Cheetah denies that outright.

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