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Brown Long-Eared Bat

Brown Long-Eared BatKemoVOriginal.png

Friend Data
Debut September 9, 2022
Phase Second
Nicknames Usako, Usako Dystopia, Usako-sama IQ 200, Genius(天才), U-chan(うーちゃん)
Special Skills gaming, Dead by Daylight, creative activities, singing, ultrasonic waves(screaming), strange phenomenon
Channel Youtube
Social Media @Usako_KEMOV
Tag #うさこぱとろーる
Art Tag #うさこペイント
Personal Emoji 🐰🦇
Brown Long-Eared Bat Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game KemoV Gallery

Brown Long-Eared Bat, more commonly called by her nickname Usako (うさこ), is a Virtual YouTuber and part of the KemoV project. She is one of the five members of Kemo-V Next Project, often nicknamed, "Kemono Rangers", or simply Kemoren (けもレン), announced on July 1st, 2022. She forms a gaming-focused team, "Kemono gamers", alongside Siberian Chipmunk and Jungle Cat. The trio is now often called by its nickname Furupan (ふるぱん).

The gaming-focused team, Kemono Gamers and their team logo.


She is cute, humorous, and playful with high spirit. She is one of the few members who very much enjoys horror genre. She speaks with a soft, sweet voice and often ends her line by "-dechu" (-でちゅ) or "-machu" (-machu) like her in-game character in Kemono Friends 3. She also use "Ki" (キ) as alternative to "Ha" for laughing. Her curiosity lends her energy to try out a variety of livestreams. She is actively releasing cover MVs of popular anisongs.


She greets viewers with "Gokikenyo!" (ごきげんよ!) and her goodbye phrase is "Dewa-dewa~" (ではでは〜). She often chants her own slogan, "Usako! Usako! Dystopia!" (ウサコ!ウサコ!ディストピア!). She shows a wide variety of interests including games, anime and wildlife.

Regular Streams

Her streams often start late at night around 22:00 JST and are often themed around games, singing and handcrafting. So far Dead by Daylight is her favorite game and she streams it very often. She often streams series titles and retro games as well. "Usako Cinema" (うさこシネマ), a movie watch-along stream, is the other recurring stream of her channel. Unique among KemoV members, she actively incorporate educational or informative elements to her programs such as analysis of Evangelion and inviting a anime director for an in-depth discussion.


  • July 1, 2022: The KemoV Next Project teaser revealed silhouettes of five new members.
  • September 1, 2022: Identity unveiled via Island Fox's livestream and the KemoV Park Staff's tweet, alongside Siberian Chipmunk and Jungle Cat.
  • September 9, 2022: Her debut stream.
  • September 13, 2022: Her first gameplay stream playing "Yakuza: Like a Dragon".
  • October 2, 2022: Monetization celebration stream.
  • October 15, 2022: She held a horror movie watchalong, the very first episode of "Usako Cinema" (うさこシネマ), watching "Friday the 13th" (2009) on her channel with viewers. That was the very first watchalong stream of KemoV.
  • October 28, 2022: First external collab with GEMS COMPANY's Maya Ichimonji (一文字マヤ) playing "Dead by Daylight".
  • December 18, 2022: She performed in the "Kemono Friends V 1stLive" with all the current KemoV members.
  • January 25, 2023: A major external collab with "fingger Group" (fingger部), a comedian/gamer group representing "fingger" which is a participatory game platform. She played against one of the members, Hiroshi Yamamoto (山本博), a Japanese comedian and Youtuber.
  • February 11, 2023: Membership of her Youtube channel started.
  • September 8, 2023: She held a 3-day celebration event from 8th to 10th for her one year anniversary since debut. On the third day, she invited the well-known anime director, Seiji Mizushima (水島精二) as special guest to talk about anime production in-depth.
  • December 13, 2023: Her 3D model debut stream with Island Fox, Caracal and .Live's Rurun Rururika (ルルン・ルルリカ) as guests.
  • December 16, 2023: She will be performing in the second KemoV live performance, Kemono Friends LIVE (けものフレンズV LIVE♪ かがやきをより強く!), with all the current members.
  • March 24, 2024: She together with Humboldt Penguin, Island Fox, Caracal and Jungle Cat will be representing KemoV to perform at Life Like a Live!7, a three-day online virtual idol concert.


  • She calls her fans "Kenzoku-tachi" (けんぞくたち or 眷属たち), meaning kins, dependents.
  • She has a slogan for her own, "Usako! Usako! Dystopia!" (ウサコ!ウサコ!ディストピア!). Her viewers are often seen chanting the slogan on stream.
  • She created a little bat character called Poporu (ポポル) and often uses it as a pointer during livestream. She also created Usamochi (うさもち), a little mascot resembling her appearance.
  • She sometimes address herself simply as "Usa" (ウサ). She often makes up new words or names using "Usa-" as prefix.
  • She popularised the euphemistic word "Miyabi" (雅) to use to describe any "unseiso" or suggestive contents appear during gameplay. The word has since become an inside joke among fans. Other members like Jungle Cat sometimes uses this word as well.
  • She shows quite some interest in wildlife and has done a number of watchalongs of wildlife live-cams while introducing various kinds of animals.
  • She likes the story-driven games like Dragon Quest and is also very experienced in Dead by Daylight. She also likes anime and manga as well as horror and occult genres. She has a series of livestreams about Evangelion.
  • She is a night-owl. Her stream schedule is often late at night.
  • She loves mint chocolate.
  • She likes anison and Denpa songs. She regularly covers those songs on her Youtube channel.
  • She alongside Siberian Chipmunk and Jungle Cat forms a gaming-focused trio officially called Kemono gamers. The team is now more often addressed by its nickname, Furupan (ふるぱん), which is abbreviated from "Fluffy Pantsu" (ふるふぃぱんつ).
  • In her Vtuber model, the tiny Honduran White Bat peeking out from the yellow bowtie is in fact a lavalier mic.
  • The pink strip on her bang was not added until one month after her debut.
  • She voiced the Friend of the same name, Brown Long-Eared Bat in the mobile game, Kemono Friends 3. The CV name is listed as "・・・?", conforming to the practice of Virtual YouTubers' real-life personal identity being protected.


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