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[[Category:Active KF3 Friends]] [[Category:Four Star KF3 Friends]]
[[Category:Active KF3 Friends]] [[Category:Four Star KF3 Friends]] {{#vardefine:id|0016}}
|name=Brown Bear
|name=Brown Bear
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When Hp ≤ 80% reduces damage taken by 8%.
When Hp ≤ 80% reduces damage taken by 8%.
|cos=Icon dressup 70160.png,Icon dressup 70161.png,Icon dressup 70162.png,Icon dressup 70163.png,Icon dressup 70164.png,end
|cosname=Default,Tracksuit,Park Staff,Maid Uniform,Personal Fashion
|cosobt=Default,Upgrade to 3 Stars,Upgrade to 4 Stars,Upgrade to 5 Stars,Upgrade to 6 Stars
|trivia=* This isn't the first time Brown Bear has been voiced by [[Eriko Matsui]], before KF3 she had also voiced [[Brown Bear/Anime|Brown Bear]] in the 2017 [[Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)| Anime]].
|trivia=* This isn't the first time Brown Bear has been voiced by [[Eriko Matsui]], before KF3 she had also voiced [[Brown Bear/Anime|Brown Bear]] in the 2017 [[Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)| Anime]].

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Brown Bear

Brown BearKF3.png

Friend Data
Voiced by:
松井恵理子 Eriko Matsui
Active Active
ID #:
Brown Bear Anime Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game
For voice lines, see Brown Bear/KF3/Voice.

Brown Bear is a Friend who appears in the app version of Kemono Friends 3.


Friend Stats
Base Max Stat Base Max
Status 5759 {{{maxstatus}}} Stamina 2425 {{{maxhp}}}
Attack 971 {{{maxatk}}} Defense 453 {{{maxdef}}}
Evasion 0.0% {{{maxevd}}} Plasm 10
Action! Multiplier +0.0% {{{maxaction}}} Try!! Multiplier +0.0% {{{maxtry}}}
Beat!!! Multiplier +0.0% {{{maxbeat}}} Miracle+ Flag {{{miracleplus}}}
Order Flags
KF3Beat.png Action15.png Action20.png TryLow.png TryMiddle.png
Kemono Miracle Burning Spinning Home Run





Deals 560% damage to a single enemy.

Beat!!! Ability The Strongest Full Swing
Deals 48% damage to all enemies.
Standby Skill Searching for a challenger
Increase damage dealt by 30% for 2 turns.

Trigger rate: 50%

Trigger count: 1 time

Unique Trait Pride of the strongest
When Hp ≥ 80% increases damage dealt by 12%.

When Hp ≤ 80% reduces damage taken by 8%.

Miracle Trait {{{miracletrait}}}


Profile Character Icons
 ? Icon chara 0016.png Icon chara 0016 02.png Icon chara 0016 03.png Icon chara 0016 04.png
Name Costume How to Obtain Name Costume How to Obtain
Default Icon dressup 70160.png Default Tracksuit Icon dressup 70161.png Upgrade to 3 Stars
Park Staff Icon dressup 70162.png Upgrade to 4 Stars Maid Uniform Icon dressup 70163.png Upgrade to 5 Stars
Personal Fashion Icon dressup 70164.png Upgrade to 6 Stars


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