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Blue Whale

Blue WhaleStage Play.jpg

Friend Data
Actress: Rikako Ito
Blue Whale Festival Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Blue Whale is a Friend that appears in Stage Play "Kemono Friends".


Blue Whale is loved like a mother by the members of PPP. On the other hand, she has a rivalry with Woolly Mammoth and is not very mature.

Role in the Plot

She is the Friends who are in charge of the Japari Park Anniversary Festival. She showed up at the PPP concert and told the Friends in attendance that the theme of this year's Japari Park Anniversary Festival is "Battle". For the Japari Park Anniversary Festival, she planned two entertainment events: one was an idol showdown between PPP and its rival team, and the other was a battle between Blue Whale and Woolly Mammoth. In preparation for this, Blue Whale chose Serval as the leader of PPP's rival team and declared that the team would be named the Savanna Girls. She then shows up to defeat the celliens that threaten the park and decides to compete with Woolly Mammoth for the number of celliens she has defeated. She then successfully held the Japari Park Anniversary Festival.


Woolly Mammoth

She competes with Mammoth to see which is the strongest Friends.

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