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Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

Black-Tailed Prairie DogAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Naomi Ōzora
First Appearance: Episode 5
Home Area: Lake Shore
Associated Characters: North American Beaver
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Anime Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog appeared as a major character in Episode 5 - Lake Shore.


Black-Tailed Prairie Dog is a hyperactive Friend who is always feels the need to be moving and working, usually by digging holes or helping others. She's simple-minded and often doesn't think before acting; however, she can learn quickly and follows orders perfectly.

Role in the Plot

Episode 5 - Lake Shore

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog appeared for the first time when Kaban, Serval, and North American Beaver find her stuck in a hole. They save her, but at first she thought that Kaban and the others were trying to bury her; however, she quickly realizes she buried herself and gives thanks for the rescue. She greets the others by kissing them, saying that "This is a greeting in the Prairie tradition!"

Kaban, Serval, and Beaver were originally looking for trees to cut and Prairie Dog decides to help them by offering her assistance. Beaver talks about how she wants the trees to be cut, but before she can finish Prairie Dog starts uprooting tree after tree, nearly crushing Serval in the process. American Beaver teaches her how to correctly cut a tree with her teeth, making the work faster and easier. Using this new technique Prairie Dog manages to cut a hundred trees within a matter of seconds.

Afterwards, the group returns to the lake shore to relax and organize the trees. As Beaver sets to work on her cabin, Prairie Dog rushes off to build herself a tunnel; however, every tunnel she starts to dig collapses on top of her just like the first one she dug.

Later on she takes some free time with the others to talk about and share her problems with building a home, a problem that both she and Beaver share. Kaban gets the idea to pair the two up to work together on a home. With Beaver's guidance and Prairie Dog's hard work, the two create a beautiful log house with a tunnel that leads to and from an island in the middle of the lake. At the end, she says goodbye to Kaban and Serval as they leave to continue their adventure, even building a bed made of wood for the bus.

Episode 6 - Plains

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog encounters Fennec Fox and Raccoon in the house she built with American Beaver.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog help appears in the fight against the Black Cerulean, digging out the ground beneath one of its legs with the assistance of Fennec and Sand Cat, following instructions from American Beaver.

At the end, she participates at the party to celebrate the victory among the other friends and shows off the upgrade she made with the others for the Japari Bus.


North American Beaver

North American Beaver and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog meet each other in Episode 5 and become close friends that work together. They complement each other because Beaver has lots of knowledge and experience but lacks the confidence and technical skill that Prairie Dog has in abundance.

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