Axis Deer

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Axis Deer

Axis DeerOriginal.jpg

Character Data
Also known as: Chital
Japanese Name: アクシスジカ
Romanised Name: Akushisu Jika
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (Anime)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Axis axis
Distribution: Indian subcontinent
Diet: Herbivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 5-10 years
Read More: Chital
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Axis Deer Anime Pavilion Gallery

Axis Deer is a deer Friend who made her first appearance in the Kemono Friends anime.


Axis Deer has a long brown hair that ends in a ponytail, the end of the pony tail is frayed out and is ivory in color, the band around the ponytail is golden. Her main features are her animalears and her antlers that are on top of her head. Her eyes are a dark-brown and her skin is darker than some other Friends. She wears a blue top with a tight-fitting white long sleeved shirt, she wears a gold bracelet around each wrist. She dons a very plain light-brown skirt hat goes well with her baby blue over-shirt. The skirt features a red belt that goes around the body. She also carries some sort of tool or weapon that looks similar to a pair of antlers. Like other Friends based on animals that have ears and tails, she also has both that befit her species, but she also has the horns.

In Real Life

Axis Deer in the wild

The Axis Deer is a cervid. They can be found in wooded areas in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and in Nepal. They are herbivorous, mainly eating leaves, but grass, fruits and reeds are also part of their diet. When they feel threatened, they can flee and reach 68 kilometers per hour and 95 kilometers per hour in short distance. Its principal predators are the tigers, leopards, dholes, pythons and crocodiles.