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Australian Devil

Australian DevilStage Play.png

Friend Data
Actress Hana Ohba
Australian Devil Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3​ (V2)​ Stage Play Gallery

Australian Devil appears as a character in =LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends".


Australian Devil is a big eater and loves to sing. However, she is as tone deaf as Crested Ibis and has a terrible screeching voice.

Role in the Plot

One day, while listening to a peer's concerns, she confided that she, too, had a voice complex. Later, hearing that she could change herself through a play, she was led by a Passenger Pigeon to a "Japanese River Otter Inn". It was at this inn that I met Gastornis, who loved musicals. She and Japanese Wolf decided to take singing lessons taught by Gastornis. As a result, after special training, she learned to sing well. She joined the "Dreaming Friends Theater Company" and practiced, but her gluttony broke Japanese River Otter's heart. Sickened by this, she abandoned the practice. After she makes up with Japanese River Otter privately, Tsuchinoko suddenly appears and convinces her to go back to practicing her play. She returns to her friends and together with them rescues Japanese Wolf that has been attacked by a cellien. On the day of the play, she ate the Japari Bun that had been prepared for the play and ruined the play.


Japanese Wolf, Gastornis

Japanese Wolf is a companion who shares a common concern about singing with Australian Devil. For this reason, they decided to take lessons in Gastornis together.

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