Army of the Birds

Army of the Birds from JAPARI STAGE.

Army of the Birds (Japanese:鳥の軍団 Hepburn: Tori no Gundan) is a group by Friends. As the name suggests, it is composed of Friends of birds.


The Army of Birds is a group that was the brainchild of Northern Goshawk. Large-Billed Crow act as the leaders of the working group. The purpose of the formation was not initially disclosed to the members, but the goal is to replace damaged solar panels to power wind turbines.


Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~

The first appearance came shortly after Shoebill and Secretarybird departed from Team Savanna. Army of the Birds declared war on Team Savannah, declaring that they would take over the Japari Academy. Later, at the initiative of Bat-Eared Fox, the battle between the Army of Birds and the Friends of the Land became a dance showdown, so they began practicing their dance moves. At that moment, Northern Goshawk came along and confided to the group members her real goal: to repair the windmill. For this purpose, Southern Cassowary, which could not fly, had to leave the group. Some time later, after receiving an apology from Siberian Tiger, leader of the Friends of the Land, who had learned the purpose of the real bird army, the two groups made peace. On the spot, Bat-Eared Fox asked Southern Cassowary to join him in repairing the windmill, and they all repaired the windmill.


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