Arctic Hare's Character Quest

Arctic Hare's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Arctic Hare. It takes place in the Hokkai Region.

Arctic Hare


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Arctic Fox
Sun Bear


"Ah, how sad..."
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The story begins with Serval and Mirai in the snowfields. Serval is excited to see her footprints being left in the snow, causing Mirai to remark that she is glad she came here to play in the snow. Serval begins to make a snowman, only to notice that a snowman is already here, puzzling her. Soon, it is revealed that the snowman was actually Arctic Hare. The two begin to talk, but the conversation is stopped by a Cerulean, which the two defeat together. Afterwards, Serval apologizes for mistaking Arctic Hare for a snowman, and asks why she was just sitting doing nothing.

Arctic Hare explains that she dug a hole in search of nuts, but bumped into a crescent shaped Cerulean, and the two stared at each other before she had decided to run. Later on, Mountain Hare appears and offers Arctic Hare nuts to eat. Another Cerulean then attacks, attracted to the nuts, but is swiftly defeated. Serval complains about the cold weather, and thinks that she feels so cold because she played too much in the snow. Mirai speculates that Serval feels cold because she comes from a warmer place like the Savanna. Arctic Hare tells Serval to try sitting in the snow, as it could make her warmer, which Mountain Hare agrees with. However, after attempting this, Serval says that she cannot do it, as it is too cold for her to handle.

Mirai notices that the Protagonist is making a snow hut. After the protagonist finishes, Serval enters, saying that it isn't so cold now that she's inside. Mirai suggests that the protagonist bakes a rice cake, noting that she has also brought toasted Japari Buns with her. Serval states that she loves toasted Japari Buns, and asks Arctic Hare to eat together with them. Arctic Hare says that if she eats carelessly she will get fat, but she notes that she finds it hard to resist the sweet and salty aroma of the sauce. Seeing Arctic Hare's hesitation, Mountain Hare then suggests splitting the Japari Bun in half with her so that she doesn't eat as much.


Character English Japanese
Snow, snow, snow. All I can see in any direction is snow. [Protagonist]! Look, look, I made a footstep in the snow! [Protagonist], you try it too! ゆきー、ゆきゆき。どこもかしこも雪しか見えないねっ。「主人公」っ!ほら見て見て、雪の足に足跡がつくよー。「主人公」もやってみようよ!
Seeing Serval-san happy like this makes coming out here to play in the snow worthwhile. こんなにサーバルさんに喜んでもらえるなんて、雪遊びに来た甲斐がありましたね
Gather the snow… … lightly roll them into a ball… … Then roll them in the ground, and make them into a big snowball… … 雪を集めて、ぎゅっぎゅっ、ぎゅっ... ... 雪を丸めて、ころころころ... ... これを地面に転がして、おっきな雪玉にして... ...
Serval-san, you’re making a snowman? Nice. サーバルさん、雪だるま作りですか? いいですね
Then put it on top of the foundation, here… … … … Hm, hm? Guide-san, did you make this snowball? これをここにある土台に乗っけて... ... ... ...ってあれあれ? この雪玉、ガイドさんが作ったんじゃないの?
No, I don't know who did… … If it wasn't Serval-san, then who was it? いえ、知りませんが... ... サーバルさんでないとしたら、誰が... ...?
Arctic Hare
My back feels heavy... *moving slowly* 背中が重いのですよー(のそり)
Wawa... ... It’s Arctic Hare?! You’re so white, I mistook you for snow... ... I’m sorry! わわっ... ... ホッキョクウサギだったの? 真っ白で見間違えちゃった... ... ごめんね?
Arctic Hare
You don’t have to apologize. Instead of focusing on that, it looks like Serval-san's snowball is beautifully rolling down the slope. お気遣いなくー。それより、サーバルさんの雪玉なのですが、見事に斜面を転がっていきますねー
[Protagonist]-san! There are Celliens down there… …! 「主人公」さん!あちらにはセルリアンが... ...!
??? *landing sound* どっしーん
!! !!
Arctic Hare
Did I make you angry? In that case; I will become your opponent. Eiya! 怒らせちゃいましたかー。仕方ないですねー。お相手しますよー。とー、えーい、やーあ
A-amazing, a perfect punch… …! す、すごい、迫力のカケラもない... ...!
I’m sorry. This happened because I mistook Arctic Hare for a snowball… … But what is she doing? Arctic Hare, why aren't you moving? ごめんなさーい。私がホッキョクウサギを雪玉と見間違えたばっかりに... ...でもホッキョクウサギはじっとして、何をしていたの?
Arctic Hare
The truth is that I’m digging a hole. Did you see that there are berries? 実は、この穴を掘っていたのですー。木の実があるのが見えますか?
Arctic Hare-san can dig up plants that were covered up by the snow using her front legs and nose. ホッキョクウサギさんは、雪の下に埋もれている植物を前足と鼻で掘り起こすことができるんですよ
Arctic Hare
That’s true. Arctic Hare feasts on the delicacies of the snowfield. And now, I will find even more berries. (*digging, digging* … Hm? What is this? *stare*) そうなのです。ホッキョクウサギ、雪原の味覚をごちそうしますよ。それではもっと木の実を探してきますー。(ほりほり、ほりほり... ... ん? これは何でしょうか? じーっ)
*stare* (じーっ)
Arctic Hare
Why are they buried?... … Anyhow, I'll win if I can run away from here. どうして埋まってるんですかねー?... ... とりあえず、ここは逃げるが勝ちなのです
*intimidate* !!(ずももも)
Ah, Arctic Hare is being chased by the Cellien! [Protagonist], let’s go help her! あっ、ホッキョクウサギがセルリアンに追いかけられてるよ!「主人公」、助けに行こう!
Arctic Hare, how far did she go… … ホッキョクウサギ、どこまで行っちゃったんだろう... ...
Arctic Hare
[Protagonist], I’m saved. Thank you. 「主人公」、助かったのですー。ありがとうですー
How was that so fast!? 早っ!?
“Like a rabbit running” is a metaphor for moving very quickly, but Arctic Hare's long feet enable her to run 60 kilometers an hour in the snow. Also, here comes… … 「脱兎のごとく」とは非常に素早いことのたとえですが、ホッキョクウサギさんの長い脚は、雪原を時速60キロで走ることができるんですよ。そしてこちらにも... ...
Mountain Hare
Because I saw the cute Arctic Hare playing, Mountain Hare has come! かわいいホッキョクウサギさんが遊んでいるのが見えましたので、ユキウサギも来ましたよ!
Arctic Hare
Mountain Hare-san, do you want to eat these berries? Here, have this. ユキウサギさん、この木の実食べますか? はい、どうぞー
Mountain Hare
If Arctic Hare-san said so, Mountain Hare can’t refuse it… … I can’t help myself, you're so soft! ホッキョクウサギさんに言われて、このユキウサギが断れるわけないのですよ... ... このふわふわっ、たまらないですー!
Arctic Hare
It’s hard to eat if you squeeze my cheek. 頰をもにもにされると食べにくいですー
Fufu, if all of the hares are present, soft, and fluffy, it’s warm and snug. ふふっ、ウサギさんが揃うと、ふわふわもこもこで、ほんわかしますねー
Guide-san, [protagonist], it looks like the Celliens came because they were attracted by the berries. ガイドさん、「主人公」、木の実にセルリアンたちもつられて来たみたいだよ!
*shiver* … … It’s cold. Maybe I’m playing too much… … ぶるぶる... ... 寒いよー。調子に乗って遊びすぎたかなぁ... ...
It’s because Serval-san is supposed to live in a warmer habitat… … サーバルさんは温かい地域出身ですからね... ...
Arctic Hare
You'll warm up if you do this. *sitting on top of the snow* こうすると暖かいですよ(雪の上に座っている)
Mountain Hare
She’s right! *doing nothing like Arctic Hare* そうですよ(同じく、じっとしている)
I-is that so? Then I'll try it… … just like I thought, it’s cold! そ、そうなの? じゃあ私も... ... やっぱり冷たいー!
Arctic Hares curl into a ball, decreasing their surface area, which prevents body heat from being lost… … Looks like that’s hard for Serval-san. Oh my, [protagonist]-san, that thing you built earlier, could it be a snow hut… …? 寒冷地のウサギさんは、丸まって表面積を減らすことで体温の低下を防ぐのですが... ...。サーバルさんには難しいみたいですね。あら、「主人公」さん、もしかしてさっきから作っていたのは... ... かまくらですか!
It looks like a house made of snow. Excuse me for disturbing… … Ah! The snow is still cold, but compared to earlier, it’s not that cold at all!? 雪でできた家みたいだね。おじゃましまーす... ... あっ、雪は冷たいのにさっきより寒くないよ!?
In an area with intense cold, by piling up blocks of snow or ice, you can make a house. One type is the igloo, but the snow hut is really similar to that. There's an insulation effect in the air inside the snow. It also has an air vent… … fufufu, [protagonist]-san. The truth is that I expected this kind of thing to happen, so I brought a charcoal brazier for cooking. Let’s roast this mochi, and then we can have roasted Japari Buns! 極寒の地では雪や氷のブロックを積み上げて家にします。イグルーの一つですが、かまくらととっても似てますね。雪に含まれた空気に断熱効果があるんですよ。それも空気穴付き... ... ふふふっ、「主人公」さん、実はこんなこともあろうかと、七輪を持って来たんです。お餅を焼きましょう、焼きジャパまんもありますよ!
Yay! I really like roasted Japari Buns! Arctic Hare and the others will eat too, right? やったー! 焼きジャパまん大好き! ホッキョクウサギたちも食べるよねっ?
Arctic Hare
I’m happy that you invited me, but if Arctic Hare is careless, she will become fat fast… … … … Ah, but it looks like I will be defeated by the salty-sweet smell of tare sauce. お誘いは嬉しいのですが、ホッキョクウサギは油断するとすぐ太るのですよ... ... ... ... ああ、たれの甘じょっぱい香りに負けそうです
Mountain Hare
Arctic Hare is always so cute. But, if you're worried, how about if we divide it in half? ホッキョクウサギさんはいつでもかわいいですよ。でも、気になるならユキウサギとはんぶんこしませんか?
Arctic Hare
Mountain Hare-san, thank you very much. Then, I’ll dig in… … *nom*! Soft roasted Japari Buns are really delicious. Squished together with everybody inside this snow hut, my body and heart feel warm. It might be too soon, but, I want to play in the snow with everyone again soon. ユキウサギさんありがとうございます。それでは、いただきます... ... ぱくっ。ふわふわ焼きジャパまん、とっても美味しいです。かまくらにぎゅうぎゅうで、体も心もぽかぽかです。気が早いですが、また近いうちに、みんなで雪遊びに来たいですねー
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