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Arctic Fox

Arctic FoxOriginal.png

Friend Data
Animal Group:
Sleep Pattern:
Nocturnal FestivalMoon.png
June 7th, 2018
ID #:
Arctic Fox Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Arctic Fox is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Festival.


HP Strength Speed Weight Senses
Base 920 558 7680 320 815
Max 29256 13964 9216 320 25944
Cooldown: Name: Description:
ホワイトブレス 白い癒やしに包みこみ、味方のHPを中回復します
Bless of White The power to heal by an embrace of white. All Allies' HP moderately healed
JP: 味方のはやさを小アップします
EN: Ally's Speed slightly increased
Advantageous Terrain Disadvantageous Terrain Obstacle Removal
FestivalSnow.png FestivalPlains.png None

Picture Book

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Picture Book
Japanese Entry English Entry
寒さに強く、主に北極圏に生息しています。-50℃でも生息できるその全身は白い毛に覆われているため、丸い見た目をしています。夏は背中が褐色から黒褐色の毛並みをし、冬になるにつれてだんだんと白くなります。 Strong against the cold, and they are mainly found inhabiting the North Pole. It can live even in -50℃ with is body all covered in white, giving off a roundish appearance. In the summer, their fur lining becomes brown and then blackish-brown, gradually returning to white as winter comes closer.
Audio Japanese English
? ホッキョクギツネは、寒さに圧倒的に強く、主に北極圏に生息しています。-50度でも生息できるその全身は白い毛に覆われており、ずんぐりとした印象を受けます。夏は背中が褐色から黒褐色の毛並みをし、冬になるにつれてだんだんと白くなります。 The Arctic Fox. It is amazingly skilled in the cold, and they are mainly found inhabiting the North Pole. It can live even in -50℃ with is body all covered in white, letting off an impression of being short and stout. In the summer, their fur lining becomes brown and then blackish-brown, gradually returning to white as winter comes closer.


  • Arctic Fox's JP name in Festival is ホッキョクキツネ (Hokkyokukitsune), changed from her usual name of ホッキョクギツネ (Hokkyokugitsune).

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