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African Bush Elephant

African Bush ElephantManga.jpg

Friend Data
First Appearance: Ch.8.5, Pg.137
Featured in Chapter(s): 8.5
Occupation: Unknown
Associated Characters: Nana
African Bush Elephant Manga Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

African Bush Elephant makes a brief appearance in the first volume of the manga, during Chapter 8.5.


Though her appearance in the manga is short and thus reveals little about her full personality, African Bush Elephant is described as having her head in the clouds. She does things without understanding the full meaning behind them, such as her not understanding that trick-or-treating is related to Halloween until Nana explains it to her, and doesn't fully understand Halloween itself, despite showing up on Nana's doorstep in the traditional trick-or-treating manner. Furthermore, she also has difficulty with gathering the proper meaning of individual sentences or phrases. For example, in the localization, she misconstrues "Halloween" into "Hallo Wien", a reference to a Vienna boys choir. However, despite her airhead nature, she seems to have an acceptable understanding of various New Year's traditions, believing that every day is New Year's in her mind.

In addition, she has a greedy and gluttonous side to her. Compounded with her belief that every day is New Year's, she at one point asks Nana to give her various end-of-year holiday gifts, including a New Year's allowance, a Christmas cake, and humorously, the Old Testament. When explained why traditions are the way they are, she then exploits this, potentially misunderstanding Nana's point, attempting to get candy from Caracal days after Halloween had already ended, believing that it is the national norm to rearrange traditions, to Caracal's annoyance.

Role in the Plot

African Bush Elephant first appears on Nana's doorstep on Halloween, although she obviously has never been trick-or-treating before, as she mistakenly says "Trick or Treatment" rather than "Trick or Treat". Nana goes on to correct her mistake on the greeting and explains a little about the holiday to the clueless Friend.

Nana gives her a piece of candy and explains that holidays have different meanings in different cultures, and that "rearranging customs" is the norm for their (presumably Japanese) culture. African Bush Elephant thanks the human and leaves, saying that she gave her a good idea. A few days later, the elephant visits Caracal's home and asks for candy once again. Caracal informs her that Halloween ended a few days prior, but Elephant replies that she has "rearranged" the holiday so that every day is Halloween from now on. She is rejected, and the scene ends.

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