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Acorn Woodpecker

Acorn WoodpeckerOriginal.png

Friend Data
Voiced by:
Yahagi Sayuri 矢作紗友里
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Small NexonSmall.png
"Carefree Floaters' Club" NexonRelaxingFloatersClub.png
Edo-Kid Headbutt
ID #:
Acorn Woodpecker Nexon Game

An Acorn Woodpecker friend named Tsukki appeared as a major character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is a member of the Carefree Floaters' Club.


Tsukki's displays Edokko mannerisms; that is, an cheerful and often mercantile personality said to be typical of natives of 18th century Edo. She runs a storage business, with dreams of expanding it further.
She refers to herself with the pronoun あっし (asshi).


Welcome to Tsukki's store, boss! I take care of everything in here myself, y'know? I can't show other folks my nut collection that I've worked so hard to gather so easily, it's kind of a personal thing of mine. 'Course, I handle everything else with confidentiality too. Oh right, when the time comes... Heheheh, share some of your acorns with me too, yeah? ♪



In one of her home screen lines, Tsukki mentions she accidentally left a Japari bun that belonged to Serval to rot in her storage; Serval is evidently a customer of hers, though any further relationship is unknown.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 6,210 Maximum ATK: 3,402
Movement: 94 Attack Speed: 75
Knockback: 35 Anti-Knockback: 38
Reach: 20 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 2,551
Skill Charge Speed: 3.7 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSandySoil.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

ドングリキツツキのツッキー参上! こんなんで預かり屋なんぞ営んでいやす。ご贔屓にお願いしますぜぇ Tsukki, the Acorn Woodpecker appears! I run an article depository service, just as it is. I'm lookin' forward to your business!
Battle Cry

預かり物を奪おうなんてそうはいかねぇ。撃退してやりますぜぇ You're not stealin' anything from my storage. Time to kick you out!

あっしにお任せを! Leave 'em to me!

まぁ、ざっとこんなもんでさぁ。預かり物は無事ですぜぇ Well, guess that just about does it. My customers' items are safe for good, now.
Level Up

強くなるに越したことはねぇ。これからも安心して、あっしに預けてくだせぇ Seems like I've become even stronger now. There's no need to worry from this point on, so just leave your items to me!
Wild Release

野生解放で今まで以上にたくさんの物を預かることができますぜぇ。目指すは大店の店主とくらぁ! I can look after my storage even better with my Wild Release. It's been my aim to be the shopkeeper of a huge store!

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 いつもごひいきに毎度でさぁ。今後とも預かり屋ドングリキツツキをよろしくでござえます Thanks for your ongoing patronage. I'm lookin' forward to your continued business with me, storage-keeper Acorn Woodpecker!
Line 2 今日もいいお日柄ですな、旦那。あっしになにか御用ですかい? Seems like a swell day today too, huh, boss? Can I help ya with anything?
Line 3 ほっ、ほっ。見ての通り、走り込みをしてるんでさ。預かり屋は、身軽さが命なんでね Ho, ho. I'm just doin' some training runs here, as you can see. It's important to be agile for someone who runs a storage business like me.
Line 4 くっ … …。サーバルの旦那から預かっていたジャパまんを腐らせちまった … … どうしやすかねぇ Kh... I accidentally let the Japari Bun that Serval deposited rot... What should I do now?
Line 5 うちにはひとくせある留鳥類メンバーが多いでやすね。おっとそれはあっしもですかい? There's a bunch of pretty unique nonmigratory bird species out there, huh. Wha, does that include me too?
Line 6 この預かり屋に任せれば、隠したいもの、大切なもの … …。なんでも保管しやすぜ、へへっ Just leave it all to your dear storage-keeper here, the things you wanna hide, the things you consider important... I'll keep 'em all safe, heheh.
Line 7 「 」の旦那、あっしの店で預かれないものはないですぜ。熱いハートもお任せですぜ [Player Name], boss, there's nothing that can't be stored in my shop. That said, let me take care of your burning heart too!

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