Patrol Plane

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An abandoned Patrol Plane in a hibernating state.

A Patrol Plane is a type of vehicle used in Kingdom, the setting of the Kemono Friends Kingdom mobile game.


A Patrol Plane is a personal air vehicle strongly resembling an oversized paper airplane. Though typically seen to only carry one passenger of a typical Friend's size at a time, Patrol Planes seem capable of supporting a secondary passenger of a smaller stature, such as a child or a Lucky Beast. Patrol Planes come in various colors, of which orange is seen the most often during Kemono Friends Kingdom game play, and their design may feature diagonal stripes or the stylized の (pronounced "no") character prevalent throughout the Kemono Friends franchise. They are also often seen to have numbers inscribed on them, the importance of which is not known.

Patrol Planes were historically used for surveying of and transportation around Kingdom, and for anti-Cerulean combat measures. Only humans are known to be able to activate and fully utilize Patrol Planes; in the absence of humankind, Patrol Planes were left abandoned and entered hibernation. It is unclear whether or not Friends are able to pilot Patrol Planes themselves, or if input from a human or Lucky Beast is required.